If you thought living in an igloo is something that only happens in Iceland, then lets burst your bubble. You can now go live in an actual igloo near Manali, Himachal Pradesh. By Japleen Kaur

Highmountains.in is an adventure company, owned by Aman Singh Gulati that takes people on trips to places like Leh. This year, they have started an igloo stay for those who want to try something new.

About an hour away from the bustling mountain town of Manali towards Sethan is the property site, knee deep in snow. Once you reach Manali, you’d have to book a taxi that costs around INR 3,000 to reach this place as normal cars won’t be able to make it on these treacherous roads. If you book a package with the company, they’ll take you to the site in their campers or gypsies.

The drive is a wobbly one, but the views will make every bump worth it. Snow-clad mountains, towering high welcoming you to their vicinity.

There are four igloos at the snow ground currently where four people can sleep quite comfortably. If you’re worried about how cold it’ll be then fret not because the temperature inside the igloo is always 6-7 degrees higher than the outside, hence you’ll be all cozy. Plus, you sleep on a mattress with down feather sleeping bags and fleece, so sound sleep will be taken care of.

Another sure-shot way to stay warm is to always be properly layered. Carry woolen socks, jackets, pants, cap and gloves. Extra socks are recommended as the snow induces moisture, even when you wear snow boots, which is provided by the company as well.

Click pictures, indulge in a little snow fight or keep sipping some hot tea; time just flies when you’re surrounded by snow, all around you.

Dinner has to be the best part with a bonfire, barbecue meals, and stories to share — all of this in minus temperatures! For us city mortals, this is a definite dream come true. There’s a dam nearby that you could walk to, and take some gorgeous pictures or do some snowboarding while you’re at it.

There are day visit packages for those who just want to visit the igloo, take some shots, have lunch and come back. Then there are deals for those who want to stay the night, and enjoy every aspect of being in an igloo. You can send a text to highmountains.in on Instagram for all the details.

This will go on till end of March, so book your stay ASAP if you want to do something exciting this winter.

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