We thought of everything we’d read in the Harry Potter series and arrived at these 11 iconic moments. See which ones strike with you. By Anwesha Sanyal


When Harry Finds Out He Is a Wizard

On Harry’s 11th birthday, the Uncle Vernon forcefully takes the whole family on a ‘vacation’. In reality, he wants to take Harry far enough so no letters from Hogwarts can reach him. But as the clock strikes 12, there is a tremendous bang on the door of the house they have taken shelter in, and in walks Hagrid to deliver the news himself.


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When Harry Walks Into Platform 9 ¾  for the First Time

On the day of departure to Hogwarts, Hagrid escorts Harry through Diagon Alley, helps him get gold coins, and buys him an owl. He does everything except show Harry how to enter Platform 9 ¾ and vanishes into London air. As luck will have it, Harry meets Ron and the Weasley family here and they bond for life.

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When Harry Gets Placed in Gryffindor

As Harry reaches the main hall, the sorting hat finds it difficult to place Harry, and inclines towards Slytherin (because obviously, Harry has some qualities of Voldemort) but changes its mind because Harry doesn’t want to be placed in it.


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When Harry and Ron Use the Flying Car to Reach Hogwarts

It is the second year at Hogwarts and Harry and Ron are delayed by seconds when the passage to Platform 9 ¾ closes. They use Mr Weasley’s magical flying car to chase the Hogwarts Express and when they reach, they are on the verge of expulsion.


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When Harry Finds out That He Speaks Parseltogue and that Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort

Harry is attending the Defence Against the Dark Arts class where  students are being taught to duel. Malfoy and Harry are face to face when the former spurns a snake at Harry. Without a warning or effort, Harry communicates with the snake in its language. Later, he opens the Chamber of Secrets with the help of Parseltongue. Inside the chamber, he meets Tom Riddlle who tells him  that he is Lord Voldemort. Harry unknowingly kills a Horcrux and saves Ginny in the nick of time.



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When Sirius Black as Revealed is Harry’s Godfather/Hermoine Reveals her Time Turner/ Scabbers is not a rat but Wormtail

Hermoine has been observing Professor Lupin’s absence. She is a smart witch who does the math. When Sirius drags Ron down to the Shrieking Shack, two old friends are reunited: Lupin and Black. Hermoine lets lose that Lupin is a werewolf, Lupin defends Black, and who should surface that night but Peter Petigrew, the man who had transfigured into a rat after the death of James and Lily Potter. It’s a full moon night, and as the whole bunch, including Snape, make their way back to the castle, the moon comes out, Lupin changes into a werewolf, and in all the chaos, Peter Petigrew escapes. Later, Hermoine uses her time turner to retrace their steps and mend their mistakes.



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When Voldemort comes back in the Goblet of Fire

Nobody knows who put Harry’s name in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. In the final stage where the four contestants enter the maze, only two can finally reach the cup- Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter. But the cup is a portkey that sucks the two players through time and space and drops them into a graveyard. The Death Eaters gather as Lord Voldemort regains strength. Diggory is killed, Harry narrowly escapes death. He comes back to Hogwarts and informs everyone that Voldemort is back.


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When Voldemort’s Background is Revealed

In the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore takes Harry out in the middle of the night and shows him a memory that will then become the base for everything that follows in the book: Tom Riddle’s muggle father, witch mother, and how she seduces him with a love potion to get married and beget Tom. Tom later joins Hogwarts.



When Sirius Black Dies

Harry had only found a family when it is taken from him again. In the Ministry of Magic, as the Aurors and Death Eaters engage in a battle, the killing curse is hurled at Sirius by Bellatrix Lestrange and he dies.



When Dumbledore is Killed/Snape Leaves Hogwarts

This is probably one of the saddest scenes in the whole series. Malfoy has been ordered by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore, but when the time comes, he can’t bring himself to do the deed. Snape jumps in the scene and Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him, “Severus… Please…” The most powerful wizard in the world, dies.


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When Snape Professes His Love for Lily

At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, there is an enormous power play. Voldemort kills Snape in an effort to gain full control over the Elder Wand. But before Snape dies, he must tell Harry the truth. Snape gives Harry a memory to see that changes our whole perception of Snape. We find out that Snape was always in love with Lily and that he had killed Dumbledore as part of the plan.


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