Mumbai is a melting pot of everything spectacular. It has attracted people from all over the world and these people have brought their culture, cuisines and lifestyle with them. Thanks to that, you can find a slice of almost every culture and cuisine you want to witness in the city of dreams. Talking about cuisines — Lebanese, Russian, Mexican, Afghani, or Irani, no matter what you crave, the city has one or the other spot to satiate your cravings. Here we look at some of the iconic Irani cafés in Mumbai. By Kumar Shree 

1. Yazdani Bakery

Founded in 1950, the Yazdani Bakery is one of the oldest Irani cafés in Mumbai. While many other contemporaries of the Yazdani Bakery succumbed to the pressures of the demanding economics of running a shop in the mega city, this place has not only managed to hold its ground but has also kept intact its old-world rustic charm. Do visit for some bun maska, a soothing afternoon Irani chai, and a glimpse of the bygone era. 

2. Café Excelsior

A third generation family-run restaurant, Café Excelsior is again one of the few Irani cafés in Mumbai, with roots running long back in time. Apart from everything you can ask from an Irani café, this place serves an experience that you will cherish even long after visiting the place. Café Excelsior has its own share of faithful customers frequenting the eatery. Staying true to its roots, the café has maintained its old interiors and does not accept payment by cards. 

3. Britannia & Co.

Apart from being an iconic Irani café in Mumbai, Britannia & Co. is also one of the oldest cafés in Mumbai. The quaint café is somewhat different from its other counterparts on the list; what makes it different are its somewhat updated interiors, which you cannot assume from the outside; it’s also a bit costly than the other Irani cafés in the city. But once you indulge in their iconic Berry Pulao, which uses ingredients imported from Iran, you’ll say that it’s all worth it. 

4. Café Irani Chai

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Café Irani Chai is one of the new Irani cafés in Mumbai, and as with any new café, the place offers an updated, modern setup; but, it packs the authenticity and varieties of the traditional Irani cuisine just like the other mentioned cafés. Head over for some special Irani chai, mutton keema, and a splendid breakfast that has been one of the most popular offerings from Café Irani Chai. 

5. Kyani & Co.

When talking about the iconic Irani cafés in Mumbai, Kyani & Co. must be on the list for it is the oldest Irani café in Mumbai. While the café enjoys popularity amongst the college and office-going crowd, it is also a hot-favourite among Bollywood celebrities, alike. The setup, food, and vibe – everything about Kyani & Co. is just perfect, and that’s what makes it the most iconic Irani café in Mumbai.

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