The football season is almost over and with it, the world has united to support their top two football teams (If you’re not watching the match tonight, know that France and Croatia were just battling it out for the top spot and France won). To celebrate the fine sportsmanship we’ve seen this year and the new wave of countries that have shown their grit, here’s a list of the top 9 football stadiums every footballer should visit. By Payal Das


Wembley Stadium– London, England



Credits: Getty Images


The greatest football stadium of all time, the Wembley Stadium has no doubt been every FIFA fan’s dream. This stadium was reopened in 2007 after the reconstruction on the original stadium which was built in the year 1923.

Fun Fact: The Wembley Stadium is so large that it can fit about 25,000 buses inside it.




Old Trafford– Manchester, England


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Old Trafford, also known as the “Theatre of Dreams” is one of the most popular stadiums in the world. Every year, hundreds of people visit the stadium just to see a football match of a lifetime, and they save up for it too.

Fun Fact: The Old Trafford stadium has a heater under their grass for any snow to melt that may fall on the field during the game.



La Bombonera– La Boca, Argentina




The stadium is widely regarded as one of the most illustrative stadiums of the world and was also declared as an autonomous city by the Government of Buenos Aires since it garners itself as a subject of public interest.

Fun Fact: The stadium got its name after the architect realised that it has a similarity between the stadium and chocolate (bombon) that he was eating at that time.


Estadio do Maracana– Rio de Janeiro


Credits: Erica Ramalho


The famous Maracana football stadium in Brazil, has all the reasons a football fan should visit it. The Brazilians being the biggest reason for the visit as they are die heart football fanatics and don’t need a reason to start a match anywhere!

Fun Fact: According to Noise Addicts, Tina Turner and Paul McCartney both made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for drawing in crowds of over 180,000 people.



Luzhniki Stadium– Moscow, Russia


Credits: brfootball


Europe’s eighth largest stadium, the Luzhniki Stadium is hosting this year’s FIFA World Cup games including the opening and the final matches with seven other matches. Any reason why you still shouldn’t visit Moscow?

Fun Fact: An estimated amount of 350 million Euros was spent on the making of this stadium.


Türk Telekom Arena– Istanbul, Turkey


Credits: Turk Telekom Arena


The stadium was officially inaugurated on the 15thJanuary, 2011 with a between Galatasaray and Ajax (0-0). It has a total of 5,500 VIP seats and 157 executive boxes.

Fun Fact: The stadium can hold banquets, weddings and conferences together without any interferences with each other.



FNB Stadium– Johannesburg, South Africa


Credits: gfc


Be it the colour palette of the stadium or the fact that it is the largest stadium in South Africa, you should not miss out on this stadium if you have the slightest interest in football, especially if you are heading to Cape Town.

Fun Fact: The stadium had hosted Nelson Mandela’s first speech after being released from the prison.



Anfield: Liverpool, England


Credits: Gareth Roberts


The famous quote by the Liverpool legend, Ian St. John, “There’s no noise like the Anfield noise” is a reason enough for you football lovers to book the tickets for the next match right asway!

Fun Fact: Every time there’s a match, the people in the stadium roar “You’ll never walk alone” a total tear-shed moment!


Santiago Bernabéu Stadium– Madrid, Spain



What possible reason can you have to not visit the home-ground of Real Madrid? Enough said?

Fun Fact: The stadium has hosted a numerous number of renowned concerts like The Rolling Stones, U2 and Bruce Springsteen which had all sold out the arena!