10 Ice Cream Parlours In Mumbai To Beat The Scorching Heat!

Summers have arrived in Mumbai, and how! Stepping out of the house has definitely become a task, and all our plans revolve around avoiding this terrible heat. But you know what makes going out worth it? A tub, full of ice cream! By Japleen Kaur

Mumbaikars we’re giving you a list of ice cream parlours where you can go and be a child again. They either do quirky flavours or are a crowd favourite, or they’re on the bucket list of many to hog on sweet treats. Whatever the reason may be, you never say no to ice cream, right?

  1. K. Rustoms

Located at the southernmost end of the city, Churchgate, it has to be the most iconic of the lot. Highly budget-friendly, one slab of ice cream here costs about INR 30 to INR 60. What else do we need! All natural flavours, some of the favourite ones are — paan, walnut, pista, and guava. And, how can we forget the way they serve it, ice cream sandwich — creamy-textured goodness with a wafer-thin crunch on both sides.

2. Papacream

With two outlets on different ends of the city, everyone can have a bite of the yummy treats that Papacream has to offer. Made with nitrogen and churned in vapour, it’s the new trend that has won hearts. Also, they change flavours according to festivals, seasons or new seasonings. For example, now you’ll get a menu that has lots and lots of mangoes in it. Otherwise, the pani puri-flavoured one is the bestseller for sure.

3. Icekraft

Now this one is for those who seek a unique experience. Black ice cream became famous on Instagram because of this outlet. Yes, you read that right. Dark chocolate mixed with edible charcoal served on a cone became a must-have item in Mumbai. And, why eat only one scoop, when you can add three and go for the triple treat!

4. Bachelorr’s

This summer, stop at the famous ice cream parlour bang opposite Chowpatty. Any guesses what’s the best thing on the menu? Spicy chilli ice cream! Seems quite impossible to imagine but it’s an outburst of flavours in your mouth and an orchestra for your senses.

5. Ice Cream Works

Launched a few years back by the owners of Cream Centre, Ice Cream Works is the premium place to have a bite or two. Trust me, you wouldn’t have had a creamier scoop of happiness before. You get a whole lot of Indian flavours here like Gajar ka halwa, Meetha Pan, Kulfi and more. You also have the option to top it up with your choice of sprinkles, gems, fruits, nuts and so on.

6. Bina’s Homemade Ice Cream

Bina has become a household name in Bandra as she delivers the tastiest ice creams in the ‘it’ region of Mumbai. A homegrown brand that started as a passion to feed the family slowly turned into a phenomenon. Not compromising on the quality even a wee bit, you get top-notch stuff like thandaai and sabja flavoured ice creams. Woah!

7. Hokey Pokey

This Andheri ice cream place is always crowded and for all the right reasons. You get to make your own ice cream after choosing from a variety of flavours, toppings, and sizes. They roll the ice cream right in front of you turning the whole experience into a theatre performance of sorts. Don’t forget to eat the Brownie Break or the Chocolate Assassin if you’re looking for pre-decided options.

8. Apsara

Apsara in Powai was born in 1973 and since then it has been serving lip-smacking sundaes. Fruity sundaes with seasonal flavours teamed with all-time available Indian tastes, Apsara knows the formula to a good, nope, great ice cream.

9. Taj Ice Cream

A 130-year-old outlet situated in the bylanes of Chor Bazaar, this one takes us back to the golden era. But, what they do is handmade fruity ice creams that are to die for. Visited by legendary actors of the 80’s like Madhubala, I think the Bollywood diva in you would be really happy eating here.

10. Paleteria

The new kid on the block, it’s a home-delivery service based out of Lower Parel in Mumbai that does tasty popsicles. Strategically placed to impress the office goers this one is perfect for your Instagram feed this season. Red wine sangria, coconut delight, blueberry cheesecake are only a few out of the many intriguing flavours available!

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