Here’s How You Can Explore The Best Of Ibiza In 48 Hours

They say appearances can be deceptive. If there is one city in the world that truly lives this idea, it has to be Ibiza in Spain. The beach town deceives one with its calm and tranquil vibe during the daytime, which takes a dramatic flip and transforms into an eccentric party scene after the sun passes on that baton to the magical moon. Ibiza has two souls, one that shadows ground during the daytime and the other that takes the spotlight during the night. Here’s how you can explore the best of Ibiza in 48 hours. By Kumar Shree

Day 1

1. Beat The Sun At Aguas Blancas

What’s the best way to start your day on a beach destination? You beat the sun and witness it rising in its glory while the beach sand cushions your feet in a hugging embrace and the sea water washes away your cravings for more sleep. That’s exactly what you need to do in Ibiza on your first morning. Inquire about the following morning’s sunrise time and reach Aguas Blancas before that. Once you reach there, you’ll discover the joy we are talking about.

2. Explore The UNESCO World Heritage Site Dalt Vila

Grab a quick breakfast before you head to the 16th century marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila. This ‘Upper Town’ used to be an old town, which still appears as glorious as it would have looked in its prime days. The castle walls and the narrow, labyrinthine, cobbled street brimming with palaces, museums, galleries, and chapels give a striking glimpse of the historical and cultural richness of Ibiza. When exploring Ibiza in 48 hours, a visit here is a must on your itinerary.

3. Hike The Sant Mateu And Cala d’Albarca Stretch

If you wish to explore something to boast about back home as an exclusive experience, hiking the Sant Mateu and Cala d’Albarca stretch is your best bet. The north-west coast section goes overlooked by many party freaks, but you can score brownie points for your deep research here. Walking through the pine trees to reach a spectacular stone bridge will not only fill your soul, but your Insta feed with some gorgeous images as well.

4. Witness The Vibrant Hippy Market In Las Dalias

Las Dalias is home to the iconic Saturday hippy market that has been a central tourist attraction in Ibiza since 1954. The market is ever so lively with its music, dance, wine, and dine. The market truly lives up to its name, thanks to the hippy vibe. It is also one of the prime establishments for shopping and people-watching. You can grab almost everything at the market ranging from fashion, furniture, leather goods, arts, crafts, and Balearic jewellery as well.

5. Dinner At La Caracola

Guess what’s better than feasting on such gastronomic affairs, that not only satiate your taste buds, but your soul too? It’s doing all of that, but while on water! Head to La Caracola, a Mediterranean restaurant in Ibiza for some mouth-watering Paella and views that further elevate your dining experience to a divine level. You will surely remember this meal for long.

6. Post Dinner Party At Café Mambo

Now that you are done with a day of exploring a little bit of everything in Ibiza, you can indulge in the party scene, and what better place than Café Mambo. Located on one of the most famous party strips of Ibiza — San Antonio, the club collates the best of food, drinks, music, and dance under one roof. Café Mambo comes alive after sunset and you cannot help but ride on the hypnotic vibe flowing in the air.

Day 2

1. Soak In Some Sun + Yoga And Have Breakfast At The Amante Beach Club

Since the previous night was about partying, you can opt for a brief yoga session at the Amante Beach Club followed by a healthy and filling breakfast spread. The mere setup of this place and the accompanying view is guaranteed to woo away half of your weariness from last night. The rest is taken care of by the yoga session and their scrumptious breakfast. If you feel like indulging in cocktails yet again, the cocktails here are amazing as well. However, we would advice steering clear of it as you would be flying back this evening.

2. Paddle board With Paddle Ibiza

Paddle boarding with instructor Luke, who runs his own company called Paddle Ibiza, is something we would highly recommend to take up on your second and final day at the destination. It is a fun activity that will offer you some unique views of different beaches and even of things that are slightly away from the beach. Though not mentioned on many lists, we insist you experience this when exploring Ibiza in 48 hours.

3. Lunch At La Bella Verde’s Picnic Lunch

Next, take a ride on one of the eco-catamarans operated by La Bella Verde, which takes you for a ride around Ibiza’s stunning coastline before unfurling a picnic lunch on the Formentera sand. The entire ride is worth every moment as you will take back memories to cherish for life. You can also take pride in the fact that these catamarans are eco-friendly as they are powered by electric engines and solar power.

4. Shopping At Santa Gertrudis Town

Go window shopping in the lanes of Santa Gertrudis, a small town in the middle of the island. It hosts some of the best boutiques that sell espadrilles, home ware, printed bikinis and dresses. We are sure you would like to take souvenirs back home and this is the ideal place to get those. You can also explore any of the many stores here and choose whatever you want to pick for yourself.

5. Dinner At Sunset Ashram

Before you board that taxi for airport, it’s time for a meal at one of the most spectacular restaurants in Ibiza, located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza — Cala Conta. Choose from the Mediterranean menu and the sushi menu, and enjoy a fine meal in a stunning setup ready with hypnotic vibes. We believe leaving Ibiza after this meal would feel difficult, but that’s what the journeys are about, right? Being there and then longing about revisiting it.

Tip: Since you’re trying to explore the best of Ibiza in a constrained time frame, we suggest opting for concierge services. Try renting a car or taxi as it is the easiest and most efficient way of navigating Ibiza.

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