The next time you visit Hyderabad, you can look forward to seeing something more than just the iconic Charminar and Golconda Fort during your trip. Hyderabad is all set to debut its new tourist attraction, a cable-stayed bridge at Durgam Cheruvu, which is said to be an engineering marvel. By Amitha Ameen

The Durgam Cheruvu bridge that is around 238 metres long took about INR 180 crores to build and will ensure smooth traffic towards Hitec City. Similar to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Durgam Cheruvu has a hi-tech lighting system that cost around INR 8.9 crores to install and will display around 25 themes to suit any occasion. The bridge will light up accordingly on important festivals and holidays like Diwali, Ramzan, Independence Day, etc.

The bridge has already become a tourist hotspot for people from around the region who are flocking to witness the lights reflecting against the nearby lake. Apart from visitors, the bridge also sees a lot of fitness enthusiasts who use the long stretch of the bridge to walk or jog in the mornings.

“We have requested all the buildings located in the vicinity of the bridge to deck up their houses with colourful lighting for the bridge’s inauguration. The inauguration will be held in the evening for a stunning view,” said Mayor Bonthu Rammohan (as reported on TOI). Apart from the visual aspects, the bridge is expected to cut travel duration between MindSpace to Jubilee Hills by two kilometres.

The inauguration dates of the bridge are yet to be announced, but recently Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister, KT Rama Rao shared a sneak-peek of the bridge saying, “A sneak-peek of the very soon-to-be-unveiled cable-stay bridge on Durgam Cheruvu. Infrastructure is the key to growth and the Telangana Government spends over 60 per cent of the budget on infra creation” (as reported on TOI).

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