From her critically acclaimed debut in Gangs of Wasseypur, to pathbreaking performances in films like Dedh Ishqiya, Jolly LLB 2, and more recently, Kaala opposite superstar Rajnikanth, Huma Qureshi is effortless, straight forward, and loves to explore the road less travelled. On her recent trip to the Maldives with Travel+Leisure India & South Asia for a stunning cover shoot, the actor gives an insight into her travel sojourns around the world. By Aindrila Mitra



T+L Which is the most beautiful country you have visited?

Huma It’ll have to be Canada, and I covered both, Toronto and Vancouver. The country is beautiful, modern, and so vibrant. It’s also a great example of how a place can be well planned without killing all the natural resources. The quality of life people enjoy there is amazing. Canada has a great way of conserving nature, which I think we should definitely learn from. When I came back to India, my first thought was, ‘Why can’t Mumbai and Delhi have cleaner air?’

T+L What does your travel bucket list look like?

Huma There are so many [places]! I want to explore South America; trek to Machu Picchu; I haven’t been to Australia, so this year I’m travelling there; I want to go to Iceland—I have seen these amazing videos of the Northern Lights, so that’s definitely on the radar as well.


T+L Have you ever had an embarrassing travel experience?

Huma Once, I took my dad to an area in Vancouver that used to be a red-light district (Davie Street). [There was a time] when the entire area used to be a street for sex workers, but it has now become a beacon for the LGBT community. Even the zebra crossing is painted in rainbow colours. It was pretty late, and we wanted to grab a bite. Surprisingly, he [dad] was pretty cool about it.

T+L Your favourite company when travelling?

Huma I love travelling with a group of people who are fun and want to do their own thing. When I travel with my friends, each of us has different things to do during the day— museum hopping, shopping, etc., and then we reconnect back at night. I think those kinds of holidays are the best.


T+L Tips from a travel pro.

Huma Always carry a sunblock because you cannot have enough of it. Figure out a friend or someone you know in that city, and see it through his/her eyes. I inevitably end up reading travel blogs on flights— the kinds that tell you where to get the best tiramisu in Rome, for instance!

T+L What do you never travel without?

Huma Passport, credit cards, sunblock, and I have a pouch that has all the different adapters for different countries.

T+L What’s next in terms of travel plans?

Huma Australia, Monaco, Milan.

T+L Pick your favourite destinations for:

Huma Shopping: London, Family Holiday: New York, Beach Vacation: Maldives.

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