Hasn’t UK always been on our travel destinations? But this time, a new attraction is pulling us closer. Kingston upon Hull, popularly called ‘Hull’ is UK’s City of Culture and we explore why. By Jasmine Kaur


History at a Glance

Just like any other city of UK, Hull doesn’t fail to carry legacy. Its great suffering during World War II is implicit in the plethora of museums it offers. Visit the Hull & East Riding Museum for archaeology and local history, the Street Life Museum, the Ferens art gallery, the Wilberforce House, and the Maritime Museum which recreates Hull’s fishing history. And the best part is yet to come, you can enjoy all this for free!


Trails Is The New Trend

Walk into the footsteps of famous English poet Philip Larkin on the Larkin Trail. It inspires you- as if each step you take is like a word of his poem. And you might want to make your way through the fishy Seven Seas Fish Trail; it is rather unusual, with over 40 humorously located pieces of fishy sculptures. materials.


Romancing In The Deep

What a lovely sight it would be, surrounded by penguins and the Nemo jellyfish at The Deep aquarium. And if you visit on a weekend, you may land up having dinner near the largest tank.





The Rise of The Potbelly

Hull knows how to keep its locals happy. There is food for every occasion, every celebration – even when you’re feeling like binge-eating through the restaurants. For starters, grab a cup of tea at Liquid Jade and just watch the crowd go by, then gorge on fish and chips at the Lion & Key which is one of the most popular joints for the dish, and move on to burgers and classic milkshakes at Furley & Co. If you feel hunger pangs late into the night, then you can simply step out of your hotel and  get hot and crispy fries from Head Of Steam.





Far from the Populace

Not a really crowded city, it lies on the River Hull and is close to each tourist spot you want to have a look at. Besides, you have the local trains and taxis to commute easily. But in case you are up for some quality time with your family, then rent bicycles and take off for the Pearson Park. On a summer weekend, you can sit here and enjoy the sun.





What’s More

You wouldn’t want to fly all the way to UK exclusively for Hull so here’s another reason that makes you plan your next trip to this city. Take a 10-minute drive to the 1.4 mile long suspension bridge lying on Humber estuary, the Humber Bridge, plan an outing to a cute market town of Beverley (15-minute train ride) which is always buzzing with people and artistic stuff and come down to Yorkshire, which seems like a whole another country in itself, with a population as big as Scotland’s and half the area size of Belgium.