Hrithik Roshan just posted his vacay pics from Switzerland and we cannot keep calm. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

Hrithik Roshan, or, should we say, Bollywood’s Greek God, has recently uploaded a couple of photographs from his vacation in Switzerland and we must say, he is making the snow-covered place slightly hotter!

He put a caption saying, “I’m such a faker. Looking thru binoculars at a wall 3 feet away. Those ski’s don’t work and I don’t know that dog..#actorslife.” We know, you are legit hot and funny, and we are totally digging!

Clad in smart formals, Hrithik surely knows how to stay ahead on the fashion orb! In the meantime, while he is chilling in Switzerland, we recommend he visits these hidden gems of Switzerland.


1. Creux du Van:

It took millions of years of erosion for Creux du Van, the gigantic natural amphitheatre to germinate in the Jura mountains. The 160-metre high vertical cliff is home to countless species of wildlife. The Creux du Van is just a two-hour drive away from Geneva.

2. Oeschinen Lake:

The sight is magical. The mirror-like lake Oeschinen beautifully confiscates the reflection of the encompassing mountains in its hushed waters. This gorgeous lake can be reached via a gondola rail from the resort of Kandersteg.

3. Saut de Brot:

At the bottom of Areuse Gorge stands in poise a stone bridge that can turn a walk through nature into a magical affair. Stretching across the river between the two lofty cliff sides, the Saut de Brot is entirely placed to allow one to cherish the dynamism of nature that devised the Areuse Gorge many moons ago.

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