The much awaited British referendum for staying within the European Union or leaving it, is out. While Britain has decided the exit the European Union, Travel and Leisure India and South Asia decodes what the historic decision means for Indian travellers.

For starters, while the travel rules and regulations are yet to be amended (as the process takes about two years), market experts believe that the pound will take a beating and stay volatile. As a result those travelling to England between this short window can make the most of their visit. The currency for Indians might be slighter cheaper (depending on how much temporary impact Brexit has on the Indian currency itself), which in turn has a domino effect on your stay and travel to Britain. So for those who’ve booked their tickets, the next couple of weeks are the time to tank up on the pound.

While the status for Northern Island is unlikely to change, visiting Republic of Ireland and cities like Dublin will now mean crossing the British border into the European Union. The decision will have no impact for Indians travellers with a UK- Irish Visa and places like Belfast and the UNESCO World Heritage site the Giant’s Causeway will still be a flight away. However, crossing into the Republic of Ireland, which was nothing but a drive on, could now mean crossing into an EU country which might could require an additional Schengen Visa. It is important to mention that the time of writing this report, neither the British nor the European Commission have sent out any travel advisories, which means that as for now, the travel rules and regulations stay the same.

The visa procedures for travelling through Europe will pretty much remain the same for Indians. 

By Harsimran Shergill