Do you choose the hippie life or does the hippie life choose you? That’s a question for some other day. As of now, let us explore some of the hottest hippie destinations that are all colours, all fun, and of course, free-souled. Come along? By Shubhanjana Das

1. Goa, India:

The dream of every group of friends who hardly ever end up with all the members, Goa is on everyone’s list who has ever wished to part without any bars holding them back. There’s party under the sun on the beach and after sunset under cheerfully-lit shacks. Drinks in your hand, music in your ears, company of friends and strangers lead to parties that can hardly ever be matched by any other place. Mind you, when we say ‘party’, we don’t mean blinding lights and deafening music. Goa has its very own league of parties that are hippie, boho, and free-spirited.  

2. Ibiza, Spain:

Coming to a close second after Goa is Ibiza in Spain. And much like Goa, if you knew that both these destinations are for crazed-out teenager-like parties, you couldn’t have been further from the truth. The hippie culture in Ibiza dates back to as long as the 60s and is still flourishing and how!  

3. Kathmandu, Nepal:

The hippie hermits of the mountains have long made Nepal their abode. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, gives shelter, calm, and spirituality that hippies from all over the world come searching for. Kathmandu is also the point from where they make their way to the snow-clad, frosty mountains, looking for seclusion and peace.  

4. El Bolson, Argentina:

While ‘Bosque Tallado’, the uphill forest with wood art attracts even tourists and travelers, what brings hippies to El Bolson is the sleepy pace of the town, abundant hiking trails and an environ of peace and enjoyment at the same time.  

5. Ecuador:

Hailed as the hippie capital of South America, Ecuador is every hippie’s dream. The beautiful biodiversity, cheap markets offering handmade jewelry and not-so-ordinary pubs to party in are only just two of the innumerable reasons why hippies find solace here.  The place is affordable (perhaps even cheap) and welcomes everybody with open arms. 

6. Arembepe, Brazil:

Arembepe in Brazil is one the few places in the world which truly understands and practices community living. It has been a constant support of the hippie movement since the very beginning. Here, there’s more than just graffiti walls and bohemian music. More than anything, there is a strong sense of community living that binds everyone who ever comes here to this place. 

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