This Horror Story About Kerala Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Did you know that God’s Own Country Kerala is home to this haunted location? Read our full story to find out, but at your own risk. By Upasana Singh

Kerala is home to many centuries-old haunted locations, one of which is the Thamarassery Ghat Pass in Wayanad, nestled across the Western Ghats in Wayanad district. The place is known to be the origin of the Chain Tree of Wayanad, which dates to the colonial era.

It is said that this route which was known only to few local tribes back then because of its thick forests and heavy rainfall, was used by the British to gain access to Wayanad. Apparently, a British engineer after fooling a tribesman into telling him the directions, killed him to gain credit for finding the route. Several years later, a series of accidents started happening regularly in this area and gave rise to a superstition that the place is haunted by Karinthandan’s ghost.

Worried about the unusual happenings, the locals then called a priest, who chained Karinthandan’s ghost to a Ficus tree in Lakkidi — the highest point in Wayanad, and a way to the Thamarassery Ghat Pass. The tree later came to be known as the Chain Tree of Wayanad.

The most astonishing belief is that this 25-feet tall tree, continues to grow, and so does the famous chain along with it. Moreover, a small temple called Changala Muneeswaran Kovil was also built in honour of Karinthandan. Every year, People’s Action for Educational and Economic Development of Tribal People (PEEP), an organisation working among the tribes of Wayanad, Malappuram, Kannur and Kozhikode districts of Kerala, carries out a procession in his memory.

For the thrill-seeking brave souls, this is the place to explore. If you still haven’t got chills by reading this story, and want to see it yourself before you believe it, head to the chain tree of Wayanad today and seek out the unexplored!

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