As of today, every traveller will be tested for Coronavirus at the Hong Kong International Airport irrespective of showing symptoms. By Manya Saini

The world continues to grapple with the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the cases have been on the rise. To flatten the curve, Hong Kong has announced that it will test every passenger arriving at the airport, thus becoming the first airport to make it mandatory.


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It has made provisions to take travellers to temporary ‘specimen collection centre’ set up by the health department of the city at the AsiaWorld-Expo, a convention centre located close to the airport at Chek Lap Lok island. The official statement reads, “As the testing takes time, the people concerned might need to stay at the venue to wait for eight hours or more and those arriving at night might have to wait longer.” The government goes on to urge people to be understanding and has asked them to be patient through the process.
Further, as a measure to ensure the safety of citizens, all persons will be required to complete a 14 day ‘compulsory quarantine’ period at a government facility. It also includes people arriving from mainland China, Taiwan and Macau.

The results of the deep-throat test samples will be made available to the people within three days. In case traveller tests positive, they will be moved to a public hospital in the city for treatment. The statement says that in case there is no communication, it means the sample tested negative and the person can leave after finishing the quarantine period.
The decision comes in light of the Health Department of Hong Kong announcing that a large majority of its case was ‘imported’ in particular from the United Kingdom in the last two weeks.


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The adopted regulations are more stringent than other countries, but social distancing and isolation have been called the ideal measures as a response to the prevailing health crisis. Hong Kong has controlled the spread through strict directives along with comprehensive disinfection protocols, robot-assisted cleaning, and temperature checks for departing passengers.

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