The novel coronavirus pandemic has unleashed an unforeseen crisis over the world. This requires a unique and stringent approach to contain and combat. While the world is trying new things every day, Hong Kong is leading the way with technology and innovation. By Kumar Shree 

As the second wave of the Coronavirus scare spread across Hong Kong, it saw its precautionary and preventive measures failing. A plus of 950 cases was narrating the reality. But keeping the causality count at four, the HKSAR government has shown how it’s done. Soon after, it announced the relief measures of HK$137.5 billion to help individuals and industries affected by the pandemic. Here’s a roundup of how Hong Kong is doing it and what the world can learn from it. 


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1. Public Transportation System 

One of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world has amped up its rigorous cleansing procedures and services like no one else. The MTR Corporation is using an army of Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Robots to decontaminate its train carriages and stations. Facilities like ticket issuing machines, elevator buttons, and handrails are disinfected every two hours by a bleach solutionAir conditioner filters on the trains are washed and replaced more frequently than ever before. 

The double-decker bus company KMB is installing hand sanitiser dispensers on buses and stations. It is also using floor mats sprinkled with a bleach solution to automatically  disinfect passengers’ shoes as they come on-board. The taxi drivers are also driving with face masks. Like the busesthey are also attaching hand sanitiser bottles to the back of the driver’s seat. Passengers can use these as per their convenience. 


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2. Hong Kong International Airport 

One of Asia’s busiest travel hub, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), is using Intelligent Sterilisation Robots (ISRs) to sterilise germs and viruses across the airport. These highly advanced ISRs developed in Hong Kong use UV light technology, 360-degree spray nozzles, and air filter to sterilise the area. HKIA becomes the first airport in the world to use ISRs out of a hospital. 

3. It’s All Virtual

Landmark events such as the Art Basel Hong Kong 2020 and Art Central are going virtual with their galleries that can be seen from anywhere around the world. Other virtual galleries such as K11 Art Foundation, Sotheby’s Hong Kong, and M+ Collections Beta are keeping the art enthusiasts connected. Asia Society Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Art Gallery Association have teamed for a one-month Sculpture Exhibition and a full-day Art Talk Programme to be live-streamed on Facebook. ART Power HK, a home-grown community platform, is also hosting a series of online events and conversations.


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4. Private Sector Joins Hand

Lifestyle chain G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) has launched a line of fabric face mask in multiple colours and quirky designs. “Naturally, they are just fashion masks, but I want to inject a sense of humour to help people reduce stress during the current situation,” said Douglas Young of the lifestyle chain. These washable and reusable masks are not only helping with the global demand but also keeping the brand’s craftspeople at their jobs. 

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