Honeymooning in the exotic islands, soaking in the quaint ambiance, and indulging in some PDA in sprawling parks with your beau are only a few things that Portugal has in store for honeymooners. Embrace yourself for a lot of romance and get ready to be taken aback by Portuguese hospitality. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Cruise in the Tagus River:

Cruising in the pristine blue waters of the Tagus River, anyone? What better way to kick-start your nuptial bond than embracing each other’s company and letting all the love soak in? Watching the sunset in the horizon in the Tagus river cruise is just an added cherry on the top. The cruise takes you around Lisbon and visits attractions like Belem Tower and National Pantheon. 

2. Lisbon:

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You wouldn’t want to spend an uneventful, dull honeymoon after having traveled all the way to Portugal now, would you? Put up in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, and the dame city for honeymooners, thanks to its calming beaches, museums, castles and hills, honeymoon resorts, fine dining restaurants, and a nightlife worth being a conversation-starter when you go back from your honeymoon. In short, there’s never a dull moment here in Lisbon. 

3. Sintra:

Oh, Sintra! No amount of praises will ever suffice to convey the absolute gorgeousness that this place, located just an hour away from Lisbon. Studded with stunning palaces and imposing hills, Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason! Take a day’s trip to Sintra to walk the cobblestone paths together, wine and dine in one the many street-side, quaint restaurants, and witness the greenery of the mountains in Sintra together. Come up with a better date plan. We’ll wait. 

4. São Miguel Island:

Will your honeymoon in Portugal even be complete if you don’t sunbathe together in the largest island in Portugal? The São Miguel Island’s beauty and natural allure is not only welcoming but also overwhelming. There are natural geothermal pools, Blue and Green lakes, hiking trails and basically a lot to do here in the island. The geographic advantage of the island and its airport accessibility makes it the perfect seat to explore the other islands in Portugal. However, if you want a laid-back honeymoon, enjoying each other’s company, just sit back and do nothing. There are only a handful of places in the world which offer the perfect setting to do nothing at all! 

5. Wine and Dine at Casa do Alentejo:

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Wine & cheese In Portugal……. Wine is symbol of the Portugal. Portugal is sixth producer of the wine in the world. National Portuguese wine is the Porto. Porto is made from grapes and there is added rum too. The second most known wine is Madera regarded to be one of the longest lasting wine in the world. And the cheese! While Queijo da Serra (mountain cheese from Serra da Estrela) tops the bill, all the cheese from are delicious. Come and Experience Portugal food on 23rd of August at Don Bosco College of Hospitality Studies Kurla…. Fr. Aurelius Maschio Training Restaurant, 1st Floor,"C" wing, Price :- Rs 350/- Siting Timings 12pm – 1pm – 2pm. For Tickets Contact Chinmay:- 7208584591.

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Even though everyone has their own culinary preferences and will have enough choices in Portugal, the Casa do Alentejo is kind of a legacy for honeymooners that must be maintained. This palace-turned hotel is royalty redefined and only a dinner date here can bring your honeymoon to the most perfect, romantic, and fitting end to this Portuguese romance. 

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