Have you ever been so enchanted by poetry that you were left wondering where the masterpiece was created? If you’re into poems, here are seven authors whose houses you can visit and get goosebumps as you move between their rooms. By Deepali Sharma


Oscar Wilde

homes of poets
Oscar Wilde’s house in Dublin.

The Irish poet’s house in Dublin is known for its Georgian architecture. The unique cornices and architraves adorn the old house. Post its restoration work by the American College, the old house is¬† used for corporate as well as academic purposes. Art sculpture exhibitions and important cultural fairs are also organized in the house. You can visit the place in groups through prior appointment.

Emily Dickinson

homes of poets
Emily Dickinson’s house in Amherst, Massachusetts.

This Amherst house which is now the Emily Dickinson’s Museum consists of two historical homes: the Homestead and the Evergreens. Designed by William Fenno Pratt, the house is known for its marvelous Italianate architecture. Believed to be the first brick home in Amherst, the two houses is surrounded by extensive lush gardens.


John Keats

homes of poets
John Keats house, now John Keats Museum, London.

The Romantic poet’s house in London is now Keats Museum and literary center. The house exhibits the key collections of John Keats’s poetry through his original manuscripts and artifacts. The restoration responsibility of the house was assumed by the City of London, to refurnish the internal structure and make more collection publicly accessible.

 Robert Frost

homes of poets
Robert Frost’s house in New Hampshire, England.

The farm home of ‘The Road Not Taken’ poet is distinguished by the serene view of the White Mountains. The now ‘house museum’ in New Hampshire is a hub for poet lovers. The beautiful small house not only displays key collections of Frost but also organizes literary events for contemporary poets. Unlike other homes of poets, this house is not known for its architectural brilliance but its proximity with the nature. Rich woods and orchards with miles of nature trails preserves the real beauty of the house.


D.H. Lawrence

homes of poet
D.H. Lawrence house, now his Birth Place Museum in Nottingham.

The D.H Lawrence’s house in Nottingham is now conserved as his Birthplace Museum. The Museum provides a good meticulous look at the childhood of D.H. Lawrence. The place is active throughout the year with great literary festivals like D.H. Lawrence Festival of Culture. You can go on Nordic talks and genius talks to explore the life and environment that inspired the controversial poet’s writings.

Pablo Neruda


The Chile’s beloved poet designed and decorated each of his house himself. A visit to Le Sebastiana is a must if you are on a tour to Valpo. The City of hills give a special peak to the house. The poet decorated the house with portraits of Walt Whitman. Some of the windows are designed in the shape of ship’s skylight which provided the poet with the special view for the ports traditional fireworks.

Walt Whitman

homes of poets
Walt Whitman’s house in Camden, New Jersey.

This old house in Camden was constructed in 1848 with wooden frames. The house was built in a Greek-revival style. This modern architecture is now a National Historic Landmark and New Jersey State Historic Site. The now Walt Whitman Museum is open all days for the visitors to explore the life of America’s great ‘Poet of Democracy’.

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