3 Compelling Reasons To Plan Your Next Holiday To Kyrgyzstan In Central Asia

It’s time to leave the crowds behind and take the path less travelled. We are talking about the landlocked, raw and almost completely undiscovered country of Kyrgyzstan. By Amitha Ameen

While planning for an international trip from India we always look at USA, the European countries, or Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and etc. If like us, you too love travelling to these countries but want to take things up a notch and detach yourself from the mundane, then we’ve got just the place for you.

Kyrgyzstan is a tiny landlocked country with mountainous terrains on all sides. But this tiny country packs so much for the enthusiastic traveller in you. We give you three reasons that will compel you to book your next travel tickets to the visa-free Kyrgyz Republic.

1. A Trekker’s Paradise

Apart from feeling like the only people in the world to hike through these remote and pristine landscapes, the Kyrgyz mountains offers unparalleled and majestic beauty. Since the country is completely covered by mountains, there is no dearth of trails you can hike up or climb. And trust us when we say that the landscapes are unlike any other you would have seen during your travels.

What not to miss: Trekking through the largely abandoned picturesque town of Jyrgalan valley or hiking to the turquoise blue glacier lake of Ala Kul.

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Ала-куль, Киргизия. 2016. Они сказали мне – это легко Элементарно, проще простого На 3.0 в крутую горку, друзья, Перевал и еще по отвесной сыпучке 0.8. И горнячка в горах ведь не спит Она любит всяких "горнячек" Наннсла и мне тогда свой визит И подъем как и спуск был особенно сказочным 🤪 Почему-то потом хотелось еще, целый год вспоминала про озеро Очень странно тянуло оно Но не поехала, идею забросила. Из интересного кроме шикарного вида там была большая полярная сова 🤗🦉, белая. Именно тогда моё помутневшее сознание нашло силы на последний рывок вверх)) Поняла, что все это 2 дня было не зря)) Фото не помню кто из нас делал, но вышло супер 😊.

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2. An adventure awaits in every corner

Would you believe us if we told you that Kyrgyzstan has roughly 2,000 lakes and more than 40,000 rivers. But the best part are the hot springs! Most of them are believed to have a lot of health benefits, thanks to abundance of natural minerals in the area.

What not to miss: White-water rafting, kayaking and a refreshing dip in the boiling hot springs of Altyn Arashan valley.

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Die Natural Hot-Springs bei Altyn Arashan. 👍🏻🇰🇬 Nach 17km schön bergauf, eine wohltuende erste Entspannung. . Wir lieben ja heisse Quellen über alles! 😍 Wie schauts bei Dir aus? . Wobei die öffentlichen sowie kostenlosen "Badewannen" dort oben am Fluss, nicht wirklich heiss sind. . Die privaten Badehütten auf der anderen Seite des Dorfes dagegen, sind deutlich besser, sauberer und schon fast zu heiss 😉 ! . . 📷 @woanderssein . . #woanderssein #heissequelle #altynarashan #kirgisistan #hotspring #kirgistan #kirgisien #kyrgyzstan #visitkarakol #destinationkarakol #discoverkyrgyzstan #naturpur #berge #reiselust #reiseblogger #reiseblog #fernweh #landschaftsfotografie #abenteuer #wanderlust

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3. Stay like a local

To truly soak up the culture you need to stay like the Kyrgyz people do! Kyrgyz nomads and shepherd families stay in portable houses called Yurts! Similar to a round tent, these tents can be set up in a matter of four to five hours. Kyrgyz people are known for their hospitality and you can be sure to receive a warm welcome and a comfortable stay, better than most high-priced hotels.

What not to miss: Yurt stay and experiencing the Spring festival–Nowruz.

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