Despite the fact that almost any piece of information is available to us on a few clicks, these hill station in India has somehow managed to stay hidden. By Quoyina Ghosh

1. Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

Dhanaulti comes to you like a picture perfect village out of a Ruskin Bond book. Quaint, quiet, sweet would be the three adjectives you can ascribe to it. Situated on the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan range, it is located a few kilometres away from the more popular Mussoorie. Dhanaulti offers beautiful views of unspoilt virgin forests, pure and untouched air minus the garrulous tourists.

2. Zuluk, Sikkim

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Repost | 📸 @amrita_77 • • • The name might sound unusual but this small Sikkimese village is like a dreamland waiting to be explored. I mean you should literally take a moment and thank the Almighty for creating such a masterpiece. Though, during winters you might find the roads challenging and slippery but that shouldn't be an excuse for not visiting this destination. Zuluk is a transit point within the Silk Route which offers a sight of 32 dramatic hairpin turns. Most tourists come here to experience a ride and catch a glimpse of this famous twisted road. You can go to Thambi viewpoint if you want a 360 degree view of the twisted road and the mighty Kanchenjunga. You can also visit Sikkim's sacred Kupup lake and Nag temple which will take your breath away when covered in snow during winters. #NorthernEscape

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Located in the Eastern part of Sikkim, this place is just days away from being recognised as a hot tourist destination. We suggest you pack your bags and head to it ASAP! Zuluk is home to valleys splattered with bombastic colours, the historic Old Silk Route and the sweetest of people to greet you with. If the infectious sweetness of Zuluk is something you want to experience before it reaches others, you better book your train soon.

3. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Tirthan Valley🌷 A beautiful Evening With a cup of TEA at @khembhartiguesthouse . just a small walk to to riverside enjoying my Playlist . with a river with that clear water that you can drink it ! Clouds and a whole lot of Fairy Blue sky and sun setting down , the Dusk just seem to be an illusion though because the sun goes bellow the horizon . I kept sitting their for around 10 minutes and removed my Headphones Because the sound of the River felt much relaxing and Peaceful then any Playlist and watching Crusted Kingfisher having his Fish on a rock just 30 meters away (though was not able to get it because i had 10-25mm Lance ) No bad luck because got a Landscape of #Tirthan this shot in itself seems too peaceful .❤ I was literally smiling that how lucky that i belong to #tirthanValley , I've spent my maximum time here , but always when i leave the place I miss it like just get me back to the Peacefulness and the comfort , get me back to where i belong, to my own place and people.! Start the Bike and just leave for a few hours, take pictures and come back and have a cup of coffee ! yeah! it seems so peaceful there ! ❤🙌🌷 . . #instaTirthan #instahimachal #Himalyas #TirthanRiver #himalyanriver . . #tirthanlandscape ❤🙌 My #tag

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One of Himachal’s best-kept secrets, this valley could very well be said as one of the mythical places where rainbows end. This verdant valley is filled with cloud-enveloped mountains, gorgeous lakes, serene villages, hidden waterfalls, age-old temples, gurgling rivers and an atmosphere that is completely untouched. In a world such as ours, how often do you come across such storybook places, again?

4. Turtuk Village, Leh

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@abanerjeevisuals Autumnal colors of Turtuk, Baltistan. The ridge far away catching the last rays of the day is in another country. Well, disputed territory. I want to trace this river called Shyok further up and explore, maybe see the Karakorams, but I can't. This is the last point any civilian is allowed access to. Maybe this helplessness that l can't help but feel as a photographer, is also one of the difficulties that beautiful inhabitants of this village face? .. .. .. #DEV_BHOOMI_HIMACHAL .. .. .. #keep_himachal_clean_and_green .. .. .. Follow ➡️ Follow ➡️ Follow @jannatofhimachalofficial .. .. @the_khedii_shimlaite .. .. @himachal.wonderland 🙏🙏🙏 .. .. .. #the_khedii_shimlaite #jannatofhimachal #himachal #himachal_WonderLand #himalayas #highonhimalayas #himachali #himalayan #himachalgram #himachalpictures #himachalpradesh #himachaldiaries #lehladakhdiaries #ladhak #turtuk #turtukvillage #beautiful #beauty #beautifulview #beautyofhimalayas #beautifuldestinations #beautifulhimachal #awesomehimachal #onehimachal #mountainlife #mountains

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Turtuk village is known to be the very last village in India where tourism is allowed before the Line of Control. It has a very rich history and is known to have been under the control of both Pakistan and India. Culturally, this northernmost village reeks of peaceful simplicity. You will find in it happy faces, ruins of royal houses, sumptuous apricots, monasteries and the unique geography of Leh. This is a village that doesn’t usually attract too many people, so go ahead and enjoy the untouched Shyok river, the unbearably blue skies and the unique Balti culture.

5. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Of the gorgeous Nilgiri hill stations, Coonoor is the least known amongst tourists. Unlike its sister hill stations, Coonoor likes to keep a low profile. It promises you lovely walks down green lanes, clouds that casually encompass you and a beautiful quiet that is unheard of in your city life. Imagine a panoramic view of the Nilgiri Hills staring at you while you sip at the local tea Coonoor is famous for. This is the kind of delicious peace Coonoor offers.

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