Imagine this: there’s a gentle breeze brushing against you, there are beautiful birds chirping all around, there’s the beautiful sound of water bubbling nearby, there are green trees gently swaying in the wind and there’s you dipped in a quiet, secret natural pool soaking it all in. That is what we’re building you a map to. We know just how it feels to be able to jump into a pool of natural water and we know just how much you need it. So, read on ahead and prepare for a dip into the divine! By Quoyina Ghosh

1. To Sua Ocean Trench

If a lovely swimming hole with the clearest blue water ever is on your to-swim-in list, To Sua Ocean Trench is where you should go. Accessible only by a ladder, this 30-metre deep spot is in the bang centre of a lava field formed due to an eruption back in the day. Today it is the perfect spot for you to visit with your gang to relax to the sounds of absolute, unperturbed peace.

2. Kawasan Falls

One of the bluest waterfalls in Asia, Kawasan Falls (Philippines) often looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Science quickly tries to explain that notion away with the uncovering of the fact that the mesmerising blue colour is in actuality due to limestone deposits. Yet, nothing truly takes away from it the magic when you pop in for a swim in those gorgeous turquoise waters.

3. Rio Celeste Waterfalls

They say that God had dipped his blue-coated paintbrush in these waterfalls – that’s how unbelievable this waterbody is. This is the gorgeous sight you are greeted with after a trek through some beautiful forests and a few steps here and there. In fact, the trail to it makes the blue cherry on top all the more sweeter!

4. Giola Lagoon

Accessible only by a dirt track or a tough hike, this Grecian lagoon was supposedly frequented by Aphrodite back in the day. With the pool being absolutely crystal clear and its location being right beside the blue ocean, one cannot deny the authenticity of this supposition! Besides, anything good enough for the Aphrodite herself, is good enough for us, isn’t it?

5. Secret Lagoon

A name that would make Joseph Conrad proud, this ‘Secret Lagoon’ is a natural hot spring located in Fludir, a demure village in Iceland. If a spectacular show of the northern lights alongside warm beautiful waters is something you fancy, this is the place for you. We have to give it to them, no one quite does it like an Icelander!

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