What can be said about Switzerland that hasn’t already said before? This picture-perfect country is the abode of every natural wonder that leaves you spellbound. The Swiss city of Geneva is one such place, which attracts millions each year. Even though it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole world, there are still some secret spots hiding in this idyllic city way beyond the iconic Jet d’eau that only the locals know about. Here’s unveiling a few. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Pointe de la Jonction

After visiting the Jet d’eau, why not escape the crowd and head to Pointe de la Jonction, which is Geneva’s second most favourite water feature, the only difference being that this is only known to locals mostly. Witness the green waters of Rhône and Arve converge here at Pointe de la Jonction where you can grab yourself a deck chair where you can cool off during summer after a refreshing bath. Be it with family or friends, we think this is the perfect day-out for pleasant Swiss summers.

2. Le Chat Noir

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Any and every place can be evaluated by peeking deep inside its cultural life and hype. As far as that goes, Le Chat Noir is a bar, live music club and restaurant all squeezed in together where jazz, soul, rock and hip hop fill the air, accompanied by the smell of tapas, steaks, platters, burgers, and etc. This place doesn’t see boundaries of age or background and welcomes all to a drink of its fantastic cocktails. After a day of thorough sightseeing, what better way to tone it all down and rewind than this?

3. Quai du Mont Blanc

A walk along the lake on a path dotted with flowers with your eyes set on the Mont Blanc — how does that sound for a Swiss date? On Quai du Mont Blanc, you will also find outdoor art exhibitions and historical statues. The majestic and imposing Mont Blanc will be in sight throughout. Moreover, you can always stop at Jardin Botanique, the Parc de l’Ariana and the Parc de la Perle du Lac on the way and make a day out of it!

4. Plainpalais Flea Market

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I went to the flea market in #plainpalais in Geneva today which is also one of my favorites. You can literally find everything at this flea market and I mean everything. The flea market is a mixture between stalls where the seller has carefully selected the things and stalls where everything is still randomly in boxes – so you really have to go treasure hunting. The flea market is every Wednesday and Saturday all year around. It should be the largest flea market in Switzerland. Todays best buy was a leather skirt which I'm going to upcycle ♻️. #plainpalaisfleamarket #brocante #fleamarket #loppemarked #loppis #geneva #geneve #placedeplainpalais #plainedeplainpalais #marchedeplainpalais #upcycle #upcycling #bythye

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Have you even visited a place if you don’t collect souvenirs most authentic and genuine to the place? At Plainpalais flea market, grab your biggest bag for you will find everything from dust-cheap books to designer jewellery, clothes to furniture and antiques to accessories. It is true that a market is a window to look into the local life of the place and Plainplaias is just the place to do so. However, remember that the market is held only on the first Sunday of every month.

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