6 Places in India That People Still Find Really Spooky

India is undoubtedly the land of mysteries and legends. Here are the top six mystical places that villagers still find spooky. While some have science behind them, others remain unexplained. By Anuja Dixit


1. Adam’s Bridge

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Ram Setu is believed to have been a bridge built by Lord Ram with the help of his “Vanara” army to reach Sri Lanka. The bridge is a 35km-long limestone belt also known as ‘Adam’s Bridge.’  While mythology claims that Lord Ram is responsible for the existence of this bridge, science asserts that shoals and sandbanks were created due to natural occurrences that happened when the island of Sri Lanka was separated from India due to tectonic movements.

2. The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh


Villagers believe that this road was once the path that lead righteous people to heaven and remained undiscovered to the ones who didn’t deserve it. According to science, of course, the magnetic force theory is the only possible cause.

  1. E.T. Inhabited Kongka La Pass at Ladakh

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Kongka La Pass is the least accessed place in India where it meets the China border at a height of 16,970 feet. What’s mysterious about this place is that villagers have claimed to have spotted UFOs and humanoids often in the past. There is no evidence to support their statement though.

4. The Ghost Lights of West Bengal

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There is a mystery about sightings of eerie unnatural glowing lights of different colours in the swamps of the Sundarbans. These lights, often referred to as “Aleya”, scares the fishermen and confuses them. Some consider them as souls of dead fishermen, while scientists state that these lights are formed by ionization of methane over the marshes coming out from the decaying matter.

5. The Lake of Skeletons at Chamoli, Uttarakhand

The Lake of Skeletons in Chamoli, Uttarakhand is located at 16,500 ft and is considered God’s forsaken place. The place is said to have 300-600 skeletons beneath the surface of the frozen Roopkund Lake. Locals says that the skeletons are of kings and queens of the bygone era while science states that these skeletons belong to the pilgrims of 850 AD.

6. Dumas beach – Gujarat

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Visitors at Dumas Beach, Gujarat, have a lot of ghostly tales to share. Often, whispers are heard while taking a stroll around the beach, although there’s nobody around. People believe that the place was the burial ground of Hindus and therefore is has spirits of the dead.


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