9 Most Haunted Homestays Around The World To Make Your Halloween More Spooky!

Halloween is around the corner, the spookiest day of the year, which is also fun and celebrated with great zest across the world. We got a list of haunted homestays around the world to celebrate a chilling Halloween this year. By Nitya Malik

1. Create Movie Prosthetics In A Workshop; De Wallen, Amsterdam

hauntedGenerate films and series with special effects by getting inspired from the fantasy stories. Learn and make teeth, wounds, blood spilled fingers etc with this spooky experience in Amsterdam.

2. Ghosts & Mysteries Of Dubrovnik; Dubrovnik, Croatia

hauntedExperience a ghost tour with full narration, experience the city’s dark history by visiting the cemetery, old places and deserted parts of the town. These places are haunted and have some mysterious legends and stories connected to them.

3. Speakeasy Murder Mystery; Chicago, US

hauntedSolve a speakeasy murder mystery set in Dill Pickle Club in Chicago. It takes you to the prohibition era and to its clubs and bars with gangsters and traders. Each person will be assigned a character with a dress code and will act their part for 3 hours.

4. In The Mentalist’s Mysterious House; Florence, Italy

hauntedVisit a Florentine house of a professional mentalist. It is a unique experience and a journey of spirit manifestations–explore the abilities of the human mind that are extraordinary and psychic this Halloween.

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5. Catacombs By Candlelight; New York City, US

hauntedScout the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in candlelight to explore the modern catacombs. It is an exclusive experience of the early history of New York City.

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hauntedThis estate was built in 1929 by the ornithologist Robert Moore who died a day before Halloween, and some profess that his spirit still roams in the halls of the house. Visit and stay here to discover more about it.

7. Captain Grant’s Room; Preston, CT, US

hauntedIt is considered to be one of the most spooky properties, which was built by Captain William Grant in 1754 for his family. It was used as a station for the troops during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Stay here for a historical and mysterious experience as one room, the Adelaide’s Room, is known for spooky encounters.

8. Elegantly Decayed Creole Mansion; New Orleans, US

hauntedNew Orleans is contemplated as one of the most haunted cities in the US. This mansion, which was built in 1855 is considered to be bizarre and spine chilling. With an unfinished, decaying interior, this mansion will take you back to the 19th century this Halloween.

9. Victorian Gothic Castle; Ellicott City, MD, US

hauntedThis chilly Gothic castle was built in 1857 and was occupied by Henry Hazelhurst, an iron trader. But in 1923, this mansion got sabotaged in fire and was rebuilt by the new owner. Visitors state that Henry and his family never left this place even after their demise. It is worth a try, if you really want a haunted stay.