While not setting #fitnessgoals or crossing one million followers on Instagram, Bollywood actor Harshvardhan Rane is busy shooting for his upcoming movie, Taish, in the UK. We caught up with the multilingual actor on fitness, his favourite place in India and what he likes the most about Mumbai. By Amitha Ameen

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1. What kind of a traveller are you?

I am a spontaneous traveller. I like to be spontaneous about my plans. No plans, semi-plans whatever the flow makes me do. I follow the flow.

2. Your all time favourite destination?

Rishikesh. Maybe because of the lack of network (laughs) and beautiful mountains, and the great Ganga or Ganges, however you want to call it.

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Rishikesh #Birthday ❤️

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3. You’ve been shooting in the UK for your next film, Taish. How has the experience been so far? Do you have a favourite city in the UK?

My experience in the UK has been my life’s most amazing film shoot experience. This is my most favourite shoot ever, hands down. Talking about my favourite city, we have been to Cheltenham, Hertfordshire, Birmingham, Central London and we are going to be in two or three more cities. Until now, I think the countryside was my most favourite — Cheltenham and Hertfordshire. I love the countryside; I love the way the sun falls on the grass in the evening. It’s amazing. The colour of the sun on the grass is very different from what I have seen.

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4. Your top three favourite cities in the world?

I think Istanbul, London and Mumbai.

5. A destination on your bucket list?

I think Scotland.

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Highest road in the world. #Khardungla #PALTAN

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6. Who is your favourite travel buddy and why?

My favourite travel buddy is mostly my GPS. It takes me everywhere.

7. Do you remember your first holiday?

As a kid, my father used to take us for camping very often, in and around Gwalior. I think that’s my earliest memory of holidaying.

8. What are your top three luxury hotels?

I am into vintage luxury, or maybe, rugged luxury. One of the hotels I recently remember staying in February is at Udaipur — a beautiful place called Jagat Niwas. I cannot stop raving about the place. It is so fresh in memory, it’s the best.

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9. How do you motivate yourself to maintain a fitness regime while you are on a vacation?

I’ve realised, more than investing in clothes, if you invest in one hour of working out everyday, it compensates for the way you look. So I think, just working out for an hour is a cheaper way to look better than buying expensive clothes. I think that’s what I have discovered, and I like to stick by it. It’s a beautiful thing to practice.

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BTS @fhmindia shoot.

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10. What are the three things you cannot travel without when you are on a vacation?

One thing I really like to carry is my GoPro Hero7. The other thing would obviously be GPS. Third thing would be my Forex travel card.

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11. Are you a beach person or do you like the hills?

I love mountains. On some locations you get to meet the clouds and you don’t get to do that on the beaches. So yes, I’m a mountain person.

12. What has been your best holiday so far this year?

Last year, we went to Bagh Tola Jungle Camp in Bandhavgarh for a tiger safari. We were there for three days. On the first day, we didn’t get to see anything. But, on the second day, we saw eight tigers!

13. What do you like the most about Mumbai?

The spirit, the fire; the fire that every person has inside them.

14. How do you like to spend your day when you are not shooting?

I like to do some activities. So in Birmingham, Cheltenham and Hertfordshire, I have been trying to go out everyday and do one activity. I have gone for cycling, I have gone for trampolining, I have gone for shooting pistols, and I have gone for few more activities like these. I have gone for axe throwing, too. I am also formally getting trained in pistol shooting in Birmingham.

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