Harry Potter fans could not be more happy as Warner Bros. is planning to set up a Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo by 2023. This will be a joint venture between the studio and the Japanese company Seibu Holdings. The latter is in negotiations with the studio and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. By Kumar Shree

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Harry Potter castle at Universal

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An underdog, orphan boy, grows to become one of the best wizards — that right there is the gist of Harry Potter and his story. When J K Rowling penned it, little did she know, it would go on to become one of the best modern-day fantasy stories ever told. Well, Harry Potter did not stop just there. Now that the world has Harry’s story out there in form of all those books and movies, we are finding new ways to celebrate the story. That’s where all the theme parks offering production-set visits and adrenaline-spiking rides come in. Warner Bros. sure knows what the world wants; an upcoming Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo seems to be an answer to that.

If the talks between the three parties involved in this deal materialise, the Toshimaen, Tokyo’s current favourite amusement park will vacate its space for the new park. Sections of the Toshiamen will close doors in parts and elements from the new park will replace them. This entire process will take around three years to complete and hence the 2023’s tentative date has been set. This new Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo will have studio sets just like its counterpart in London. This one, however, will not have the rides.

This entire exercise will leave the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with remaining land from the Toshiamen. This land will serve as an evacuation site in the event of a major disaster, that Japan is prone to. The Toshiamen park is anyway losing its appeal and charm to the masses. Its highest noted footfall of 3.9 million in 1992 dropped to 1.12 million in 2016. The new theme park will surely boost that number up. We are already excited about this one!

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