Haaziq Kazi, the 12-year-old from Pune has suddenly become a huge sensation. This genius kid has innovated and designed a ship named ERVIS that is going to be used to suck out all the waste from our oceans. By Team T+L

Yeah, that’s true. He’s not a regular school-going adolescent. In a Ted-Ed Student Talk earlier, he said there are two kinds of people in the world: those who create problems, and the those who solve them. He said he wants to be in the latter category.

Kazi knows stuff that a good 10 of us put together wouldn’t know about the planet. Did you know there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans? Or that by 2050, we will have the same or maybe more plastic in the ocean than fish? And that if we were to take all the plastic on the ocean surface and pile it up, it would be enough to stack two-litre bottles all the way to the moon and back, and that too TWICE?


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Well, the young guy studying in Pune’s Indus International School, is on a serious mission to clean the oceans because he said that there’s no point in us looking for a sign of life outside our planet if we can’t even save our own. Couldn’t agree more.

His genius invention—ERVIS—was a result of him paying attention to how, while washing his hands, water flowed into the sinkhole. It’s while he observed the swirl of the water vanishing into the drain that he realised he could use the same concept to suck in waste from the oceans.

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Kazi broke down how ERVIS, the futuristic-ship, with its saucers, would help mankind and marine life: it will clean waste matter floating on the ocean surface, then analyse the waste collected, and finally stopping the waste at source, preventing it from getting disposed in the ocean. And if you’re worrying about the marine animals, as you should, both those and the water will be returned back to their home ground through the work of a sensor attached to the ship.  

While the first prototype lasted for about seven seconds before coming apart in his bathtub, Kazi was not the one to give up, and has come a long way since then. He has worked with scientists and 3D designers to come up with a more “bleeding edge” model of the current design of the ship.

ERVIS could well be a gigantic vacuum cleaner with many cleaning tubes attached to many dust bags. Once the waste enters the chambers, ERVIS will analyse, segregate and compact it, and then pump the filtered water back into the ocean, without harming any marine life in the process. Conscious of not adding to air pollution of any kind, Kazi has powered the ship by hydrogen and other renewable natural gases.

Kazi isn’t going to stop just at collecting the waste; he is also looking into ways for waste management. The young innovator is currently working on the logistics of how to deal with waste disposal after successfully collecting it. Also, he was amongst the list of speakers who spoke at the TEDxGateway talk in December, and we can’t wait to hear him again.

ANI also shared a design of the ship:

More power to young, bright minds like him!

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