As Delhi inches closer to the end of winter, waste no time and visit Guppy in Lodhi Colony for its delightful winter menu. By Adila Matra

It was a rainy winter evening and the Japanese restaurant Guppy in Lodhi Colony looked even more dramatic—its pink and blue anime décor and shimmering fairy lights drenched in the drizzle. As opposed to the courtyard where a tall tree sheltered the smoker guests blowing smoke circles into an already misty evening sky, the interiors were warm and toasty, buzzing with those who had arrived for Guppy’s steaming winter menu.

Guppy In Lodhi Colony

I settled in happily too, albeit a tad apprehensive about the Japanese fare. But excited I was, to get my hands on an authentic plate of sushi. Deciding to start with something safe, I placed an order for the Salt Pepper Calamari. It came coated in a tangy furikake dust (Japanese seasoning) and was crunchy—a perfect precursor to the meal ahead. The Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll sprinkled with pearly tobiko was worth the wait–I licked the plate empty in no time, blissfully ignoring the burning aftertaste of the wasabi.

Guppy In Lodhi Colony

The Mentaiko Cheese Potato was stringy in a good way. But I would recommend it only to those who do not mind the distinct fishy flavour of codfish roe. I washed it down with one of the stars of their winter cocktail menu, Ginnie San, a concoction of gin, green apple, sour mix, and cranberry juice.

Guppy In Lodhi Colony

Nabe Hotpots, specific to winters, glared at me from the menu, so I decided to go for it. After all, Japanese dinners are all about the risks your palate is willing to take. Thence arrived on my table, a gas stove with a wok. Bubbling inside was a medley of veggies—horseradish, water chestnuts, bok choy, shimoji mushrooms, lotus stem, and chunks of Kadaknath chicken (fowl with black flesh). Intended for communal experiences, these hotpots are to be shared with friends and family—dip the ladle into the wok and scoop out the broth along with a few veggies and chicken, and when you run out of veggies, cook a bowl of sticky rice and egg in the same bowl. Talk about a hearty meal.

Guppy In Lodhi Colony

Though full to the brim and raring for a nap, I conceded to a plate of Matcha pudding and it was one of the best decisions I made. Squishy and not overtly sweet, the dish inadvertently served as the ideal finale to the meal.


Cost for two: Rs 2,500 plus taxes

Address: 28 Lodhi Colony, Main Market, New Delhi

Reservation: 011 2469 0005

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