How About Celebrating Children’s Day In 50 Countries In A Day? Head to Gulliver’s Gate

You don’t have to leave NYC to travel the world! Visit Gulliver’s Gate, a 50,000-square-foot world of miniatures in the heart of Times Square. Explore Great Britain, Europe, Russia, Mecca, Asia, Jerusalem, Latin America, the Great Pyramids and more without taking any flights! By Pallavi Mehra

If you’re aching to travel the world and are consumed by wanderlust, make your way to Gulliver’s Gate on your next trip to NYC. Gulliver’s Gate is a mechanically innovative miniature world experience. It is an immersive world that will awaken your creativity and change your perception. Gulliver’s Gate is an interactive display representing different countries and celebrated sights of the world. It also has moving miniature trains, planes, wagons and well-known people of the past and present times. From its operative airport and naval locks to the numerous hidden sights and interactive features, Gulliver’s Gate is a travel enthusiast’s ultimate fantasy.

Visit 50 nations from five continents and use a complimentary souvenir key to unlock interactive experiences and bring the world of Gulliver’s Gate to life! Regions displayed from the world include New York City, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Russia, and Asia. Discover 300 small-scale scenes of prominent landmarks and world heritage sites, all created in great detail by over 200 local artists and global craftsmen. Sights include attractions such as the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, the Panama Canal, the Great Wall of China and more. Spot over 1,000 meters of railroad track, thousands of trucks, trains, boats, planes, and cars, and 100,000 people in Gulliver’s world.

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Furthermore, if want to join the fun and create a 3D version of yourself, you can do that at the full-body scanner and 3D printer station. You may choose to take your miniature version home as a souvenir or leave it behind as a permanent “model citizen” of Gulliver’s Gate. President and Founder of Gulliver’s Gate, Michael Langer stated, “Our favorite part of this entire project is getting to work with so many different cultures to bring Gulliver’s Gate to life. It’s been a fascinating experience that we’re thrilled to be sharing with the world.”

The showcase begins with a miniature NYC. In this exhibit, you can see all the major NYC landmarks, from the Empire State Building to Central Park, to the Staten Island Ferry Building. Moving along, the Asian display begins with a stop at the Taj Mahal. Making your way through India and Cambodia to Singapore and Malaysia, you will see scenes illustrating Asian society, history, and design. Next up, is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Malaysia’s Petronas Towers, and Japan’s majestic Mount Fuji.

Likewise, travel through Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and parts of North America. Additionally, you will find amusing moments and hidden surprises in each display. You can also participate in an exciting scavenger hunt while you discover each showcase. Take a trip around the world in the heart of New York City at Gulliver’s Gate.

Tickets to Gulliver’s Gate are $36 for adults (approximately INR 2,700) and $27 (approximately INR 2,000) for children (ages 3-12) and seniors (ages 65+).

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