If you happen to be in Kiev, and are not able to sleep because of the excitement of being in the heart of Ukraine, we have got the ultimate list of places and experiences you could explore in one night. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Movies After Midnight

If clubs aren’t much of your scene, you’ll be pleased to know that 11 pm isn’t the last show at the cinemas in Kiev. Stroll through the streets, make your way to a cinema, which has a midnight or 1 am show, and sit down with your bucket of popcorn. Watching movies after midnight may not be the most novel thing, but watching movies at the theatre after midnight in a new city can surely be something.

2. Treat Yourself

Hunger pangs knows no time. That’s why, when it hits you at 2 am in the night, you should know where you can find the tastiest grub in all of Kiev. The city centre has restaurants and eateries that cater to hungry tourists and locals around the clock, churning out delicious food 24×7. Head to the Entertainment Complex Arena City at the heart of Kiev for your share of American food at The Burger or some light eats at Under Wonder. You’ll find the Arena City bustling with locals at all points of time.

3. A Night Stroll Through The Andriyivskyy Descent

Who doesn’t like a night stroll, right? Especially, if it is through one of the most recognised and happening roads dotted with street vendors selling souvenirs and dainty keepsakes. The Andriyiviskyy Descent stands tall at the heart of the capital and with its beautiful museums, traditional churches, and theatres makes for a perfect spot for a night stroll.

4. Dance The Night Away

How can we miss out on the art club Closer, one of the most renowned clubs in Kiev! The place is a haven for those who like to let their hair down and spirit run free. Well, at art club Closer, there’s all that and much more. Keeping the delectable food and an impressive selection of wines, art club Closer is also a great place to spot emerging musicians in Kiev.

5. Witness The Sunrise At Arch Of Diversity

There’s probably no better way to end your night than to catch the sunrise at the Arch of Diversity, an architectural construction in the shape of a rainbow. Located at the end of the Ukrainian main street of Khreschatyk, Arch of Diversity promises an unrivalled view of Kiev at all times of the day. You will have the Left Bank, the Dnipro River and its numerous bridges, and Podol all in one sweeping panoramic view.

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