Amsterdam’s hottest G&T bar is at The Conservatorium. Tunes Bar is popular among locals for its exhaustive collection of over 30 varieties of gins and more than six different tonics, to make you forget the G&Ts you’ve ever had.

We caught up with Tim Hoevenagel, who is definitely not your regular bar manager. After all, at Tunes Bar, things are run differently. Being the first bar in Amsterdam to serve gin & tonic (G&T), it has a reputation to live up to. It is commonplace to spot local and, often enough, international celebrities chatting with Hoevenagel about their new favourite gin concoction. Tunes Bar is a smA bartender at the Tunes Barartly designed, chic space where one can enjoy special champagnes and exclusive cocktails besides surprising gin & tonics paired with delicious Asian Tapas. The bar even organises evenings to teach locals the art of serving and creating the best G&T—this goes by the moniker Tunes Academy. We asked Hoevenagel about his favourites; see if you can tell this man by his drink.

Favourite Cocktail: The Old Fashioned is my all-time favourite. This cocktail is prepared with aged rum, sugar, Angostura bitters and water and is the best way to fully savour the pure and intense flavours of rum.

G&T you love: The Limited G&T is prepared with the very fine Malacca Gin from Tanqueray (a limited-edition gin). It is served with flowers to create an interesting herbal experience and with neutral biological tonic (to get the best out of the pure gin flavours).

Your go-to bar: Potato Head Beach Club in Bali is a very famous club. I enjoy being here because all bartenders and servers have an interesting individual style of creating and serving, which adds more zing to the entire experience.

A drink that reminds you of home: A Scottish whiskey single malt—this is what I used to drink with my dad.