The island country gives hope to the current crisis the world is gripped by due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With zero active cases, here’s how Greenland stayed strong and won its battle against the virus. By Upasana Singh

After the recovery of 11 patients, Greenland has become the only place in the world with no new cases of Coronavirus. The National Medical Office in Denmark stated that at present, the country has fully recovered from the pandemic.


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The European Union Observer reported that all cases had occurred in the populous capital city, Nuuk. Soon after, the diagnosed citizens went into self-isolation, and have since recovered. With a population of 57,000, the report also noted that Greenland might have been severely hit by Coronavirus due to the lack of healthcare facilities.

Given these circumstances, strict measures have been undertaken by the government to contain the virus. All borders have been closed and a lockdown has been imposed. Private boats and snowmobiles are also not allowed to enter the city. Flights and ships have been barred from entering without special permission. Within the island, it is only allowed to travel between small cities and villages.


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Greenland has a grim history of deadly epidemics brought by the European colonisers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The diseases claimed many lives on the island. The fear of Coronavirus is fuelled by this history and the belief that if the virus is left unchecked, it may infect thousands. It would also be impossible to meet the demands of emergency air transport and intensive healthcare in case the virus spreads to small outlying villages.

As the world continues to fight the ongoing battle against Coronavirus, it is inspiring to know that there a few places that have defeated the disease. The case of Greenland shows us that by following rules of social distancing and self-isolation, we can flatten the curve. So, let’s join the world’s largest island to claim victory!

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