#SomeGoodNews: Greece To Welcome Tourists After Victory Against Coronavirus

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When we think Greece, images of ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and quaint cafes are never far behind. The country is filled with history, heritage, and an old-timey charm that can spark the wanderlust in any traveller. If you have been wondering when you can visit the beautiful country, then read on! It’s sooner than you might expect. By Manya Saini

Greece has claimed victory over the spread of the novel Coronavirus because it decided to go under lockdown early. It has said it will reopen the industry completely and will welcome tourists as early as July this year. According to Forbes, tourism accounts for 12 per cent of the Grecian economy and is a necessity for the survival of many locals and businesses.

All international travellers arriving in the country must land in Athens for a mandatory health checkup, which will include a test for COVID-19. The country intends to ensure that social distancing measures are followed, to prevent a second wave of the pandemic, by not allowing any large events or nightlife clubs where people can gather.

As per reports, Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said that tourists visiting them should expect a marvellous yet different experience than previous years. It is looking for travellers to seek intimate and luxury excursions such as agrotourism and yachting trips.

In comparison to other European countries, the spread of Coronavirus in Greece has remained under 3,000 cases, while the death toll is estimated to be less than 150 people. Greece banned events in late February, while schools were closed in the first week of March. It went under a complete lockdown on March 23.

Weeks of lockdown and social distancing has helped many European countries curb the spread as well. This week with Greece, others like Italy, Germany, and Spain have also lifted the lockdown restrictions. As different countries find success in controlling the crisis, the hope for a steady but safe revival of tourism remains strong across the world.

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