We know complete lockdown has put many of your travel plans on hold, but thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth, through which not only can you travel the world from your home, but can also take a tour of some unique places that are normally out of reach or prohibited for visitors. By Upasana Singh

Instead of being upset with the current quarantine situation, it’s better you utilise the opportunity to explore some of the deepest corners of Earth, which can’t normally be accessed otherwise.

1. Area 51


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Area 51, which you must have seen in blockbusters like Independence Day, is located 133 kilometres north of Nevada and is a restricted military base of the US army. It has been speculated that the region is used for the development and testing of aircrafts and weapons used by the US military. However, the government denies it. So, if you wish to witness the moonlike surface of this area, you can easily do so from the comfort of your home, without breaking any laws.

2. Pripyat


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The ghost city of Pripyat in Ukraine became popular with the HBO show, Chernobyl. The city had become inactive after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. The explosion caused by the nuclear power plant is considered the worst nuclear disaster in the history of humankind. Remnants of the disaster can be witnessed by looking at the damaged buildings, streets and nearby forests.

3. Snake Island


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The Ilha de Queimada Grande in Brazil, popularly known as the Snake Island, looks beautiful from the satellite images on Google Earth. But you may not know that this place has been made forbidden by the Brazilian navy. The fact that there are around 4,000 snakes roaming on this island, explains why the place is so dangerous to visit. One of the most venomous vipers in the world — the golden lancehead lives on this island. It is said that the venom of this species is so strong that it can melt human flesh.

4. Bohemian Grove


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Bohemian Grove is a private estate located in California, USA. If the name is not intriguing enough, an interesting fact about this place is that it only welcomes the most powerful men in the world. Every year in summer, the place organises two-week long weekend camps. It is shrouded in mysteries as no one is allowed to set foot on this highly-guarded zone.

5. Vatican Secret Archives


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The Vatican City considered to be one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world is also home to a secret library, known as The Vatican Secret Archives. This treasure contains some of the most ancient books that belonged to the popes for many generations. Only a few sacred men are allowed to access the intricately-designed corridors and beautiful structures of this library.

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