These Cottages In Himachal Are Where Dreamy Vacations Become Reality!

Gone Fishing Cottages started off as a family holiday home that slowly turned into a luxury home-stay in the mountains for people like you, and me. If solitude, love, and copious amounts of trout is what you seek, this is the place to be. By Japleen Kaur

Tucked in the hidden valley of Tirthan in a village called, Deori, Gone Fishing Cottages is a place where happiness brews, and warmth is genuinely felt in every nook, and corner. Located near the stream with lovely bridges, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to live amidst nature, but not give up on luxuries.

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Born out of love, passion, and hard work of the hosts — Upendra and Dimple Kamra, a couple from Chandigarh, are making mere mortals fall for Tirthan, one conversation at a time. There are 7 rooms in the property; 4 of them are part of 2 duplex cottages with kitchen, a living room, and a tiny corner for kids to play. The other 3 rooms are part of the ‘3 room cottage’ that have a common sitting area, and a kitchen with attached bathrooms in each.

Every part of GFC is made out of local materials, and is largely stone, and wood. The furniture is designed, and made by Upendra or picked up by the couple during their many travels from around the world. So much so that the tiniest object at the cottage has a story to tell. Just pick up a cuppa of your favourite beverage (If you’re chatting with Dimple, then ensure it is black tea, and you’ll earn some brownie points), and let the conversations flow.

The cottages are well equipped with heating systems, solar geysers for the cold days, and the best part — bluetooth speakers in every room, and deck. Cobbled paths leading to the cottages are lined with plants and flowers making it look like a setting straight out of a fairytale. The place comes alive as the sun sets, and fairy lights do their job of making it a sight to behold. Vases, wall hangings, planters, showpieces, etc. deck up the space in all the finery. On that note, if you book a stay please ask Dimple about the ceramic duck showpieces, and record her reaction. It’ll be worth it.

The food is as scrumptious too. From continental breakfasts, Mongolian meals, live barbecue sessions to local Himachali dishes like ‘Sattu’, and ‘Bichu Bhutti ka Saag‘, you’ll get everything here.

Picture this — a warm bonfire, star lit sky, chill in the air, snacks off the grill with fellow guests sharing their stories, and laughter echoing in the valley. Perfect? That’s what I’d call it.

Being animal lovers, Dimple and Uppi welcome your furry buddies as well. The staff is courteous, kind, helpful locals who prove that Himachalis are the politest humans on this planet. They’ll ensure you have a comfortable stay, and that you go back home with a huge smile plastered on your face.

A short hike from the property takes you to the sunset point from where the views are stunning. You can also go, and explore nearby spots like Choee waterfalls, Chaini Kothi, Jalori pass with treks to Searolsar lake, and Raghupur fort, Jibhi, and so on. Ask for details about them when there, and the staff will help you out.

Dimple, and Uppi stay at the property itself when they’re not back home in Chandigarh. And their den is also a place to sit down, and admire. King sized bed facing long French windows with white curtains all around; a spiral staircase decked with books leads you to my favourite corner of the property — the attic with a sun roof. Being a Potterhead, this resonated with me at a whole new level. But the permission to stay here is only for family or for guests who become family!

Gone Fishing Cottages is an escape you need from the city to find peace, appreciate the little things, and live life a little more.

The per room cost varies according to the season, but on an average ,it is around Rs. 6,000. You can reach this place by taking a flight to Bhuntar (Kullu), and then cab it, or you can also go local, and take the bus till Aut, followed by a short cab ride.

And if you’re still not convinced (God help you!) about packing your bags as quickly as you can, check out this video to virtually experience the place.

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