In a bid to make Goa safer and discourage certain activities, the state tourism board has imposed a ban on tourists who cook in public places and consume drugs. Here’s what we know about the decision so far. By Amitha Ameen


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Next time you plan a trip to Goa, be ready to face punishment if you wish to cook in public places or consume drugs. The state tourism minister, Manohar Ajgaonkar has recently announced that these guidelines were approved by the state cabinet on October 14, in an attempt to preserve and protect the sanctity of the region.

As part of the new policy, a Goa Tourism Board has also been formed to discuss and execute the long and short-term goals and plans for tourism in the state. “We want good tourists. We do not want drugs and tourists who consume drugs. We do not want people who cook food on the street side,” Ajgaonkar was quoted as saying by the media. He also that these two elements spoil the image of the Goa Tourism.


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Consumption of drugs and cooking and camping in public places has been a longstanding issue in the state, with many tourists becoming a menace to the locals and their way of life. Earlier, even lawmakers had raised it in the assembly.

The newly launched tourism policy is the first step in an elaborate plan of the Goa government, that is set to involve many industry stakeholders and tourism experts to change the face of the destination in the eyes of travellers.

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