Goa To Issue Special Stickers To Prevent Tourists From Police Harassment

Picture Credits: Guzel Gashigullina/ Shutterstock

In a bid to curb police harassment for tourists visiting Goa, the state government has decided to issue special stickers for vehicles. By Bayar Jain

Goa is undoubtedly one of the top tourists hubs in the nation, enticing over seven million tourists over the past one year alone. Despite it’s relaxing beaches and hospitable locals, tourists thronging to this small state are often subjected to harassment by local cops, largely with respect to the lack of proper documentation for tourist vehicles. To combat this, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar has decided to initiate special stickers for vehicles.

Expressing concern, the minister reportedly said that many traffic policemen unnecessarily stop tourists and harass them, even impose fine, this shouldn’t happen and those riding two-wheeler with a helmet on shouldn’t be stopped either. He also mentioned that cars not registered in Goa will be checked at the border itself and will be given a sticker which they will have to put on the screen.

Earlier this year, Ajgaonkar also pointed out that tourism in the state had faced a downfall due to police targeting “innocent tourists” instead of going after drug racketeers. Then, pesky hawkers and tourist beds, which encroach on the state’s beaches, were some of the other factors Ajgaonkar listed. With regards to foreign travellers, he believed that visa problems added to the hassle.

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