By now we are all aware of the fact that global warming is a serious threat to humanity. While climate change and its impact on life on earth are some visible effects, a new study based on 34 years of data suggests that the phenomenon is gradually turning our nights to be hotter than days. And, it’s scarier than you think. By Kumar Shree


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A recent worldwide study about global warming’s effects on our days and nights recently published in the journal, Global Change Biology, has the fraternity talking once again.

Scientists from the University of Exeter upon studying 34 years of data from 1983 to 2017 have found out a ‘warming asymmetry’ between days and nights on earth. Simply put, the study confirms that over the years, global warming has made nights hotter than days.

Even though it is not entirely uniform, the day and night temperatures around the globe have a pattern. The days have an additional source of direct heat from the sun, while the nights don’t, and that’s the reason why days are supposed to be warmer than nights.

Now that’s the natural pattern, the original setting. However, global warming is seemingly messing up this system. The nights are now getting warmer than the days, and this rise in temperature is even faster in the night than in the day, which can prove to be fatal for many species on the planet.

“Warming asymmetry has potentially significant implications for the natural world,” Lead author Dr Daniel Cox, of the Environment and Sustainability Institute on Exeter’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall, was quoted as saying in a release.


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“In total 54 per cent of the land surface has experienced warming asymmetry of more than 0.25-degree Celsius, and we provide further support that this is driven primarily by changing levels of cloud cover and is associated with a wetting (increased night‐time warming) and drying (increased daytime warming) of the climate,” the conclusion of the study as mentioned in Global Change Biology stated.

It seems like the clock is indeed ticking, and we need some rock-solid measures to tackle the woes of global warming.

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