You Wont Believe How This German Cafe Is Implementing Social Distancing

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As many countries enter the next phase of the Coronavirus lockdown with eased restrictions, they are also coming up with innovative ways to ensure customers and visitors follow the necessary guidelines to ensure safety. A German cafe caught headlines for the hilarious way in which they are ensuring patrons follow social distancing. By Amitha Ameen

As businesses across the world slowly start to reopen, some would say, the responsibly of following safety guidelines would fall more on the business owners than it would on the visitors. This is because businesses risk closure if the virus were to break out once again, and going into more losses than already incurred during the previous shutdowns. With this thought in mind, many cafes are coming up with genius hacks to make sure everyone is following social distancing.

One particular cafe in Germany called Cafe Rothe went viral for making its customers were pool noodle hats to ensure people remained at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other at all times while ensuring they have a smile on their faces.

A restaurant in Greenville County, South Carolina is using blow-up dolls to fill in the empty seats, while ETEN in Amsterdam is using separate greenhouses or glass enclosures to host their customers; whereas Five Dock Dining, an Italian restaurant in Sydney is filling up empty spaces with cardboard cutouts.

While the way of dining out has probably changed for the near future, we can’t wait to see all the other innovative and cheerful ways hotels and restaurants will come up with to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

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