In the wake of the lockdown, pilot and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja not only managed to launch his third channel—on live gaming— but also broke the world record of gaining the swiftest 1,00,000 subscribers, in merely 98 minutes. We caught up with the ‘Flying Beast’ to talk about his journey, his love for fitness, and the recent shift in his content. By Sushmita Srivastav

How did you become a YouTube influencer in multiple domains?

It started with a fluke when Facebook launched its live-streaming feature. People used to ask me about the science behind my workout routine, as I used to take part in a lot of state-level and national championships while being in a full-time job. One day, a friend randomly started live-streaming my workout routine, and in the evening, I got many calls of appreciation. So, I grew a little confident and started going live during my workout sessions. Soon, I began to make packaged videos, talking about workout plans and fitness tips. Cut to December 2016, FitMuscleTv was born. And a year later, I launched Flying Beast, my channel on lifestyle and travel. Recently, Rasbhari Ke Papa—my live gaming channel—has come into being.

How different is a live gaming channel from your other ventures?

Usually, I shoot a vlog during the day and post it at night. Whatever doesn’t work gets edited out. But the same can’t be done during a live stream. I love the spontaneity of it. Also, it’s a much better way of connecting with people.

Which one do you enjoy the most?

The three are very different in terms of approach and challenges. A fitness video takes me 40-45 minutes. The only catch is to pick which issue to address and give effective fitness solutions. Lifestyle/travel vlogs are largely unplanned but require time for packaging. And gaming live demands that I engage with the viewers and entertain them. It’s difficult to pick one, but I think I enjoy [making] fitness videos because it’s rewarding to hear that my videos brought the desired change in someone’s life.

As a lifestyle and travel YouTuber, how have you adapted your content to this situation?

When nationwide lockdown and travel bans were announced, I felt like the year had gone to waste. But I started posting videos of routine life, and surprisingly, my channel has seen an exponential growth that none of us expected during this period.


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