Watch The Game Of Thrones Finale At The Seven Kingdom Cafe In Kolkata!

Say goodbye to your favourite characters in style at the Seven Kingdom Cafe in Kolkata, which is offering a special menu along with a screening of the final episode of Game of Thrones. By Shrimayee Thakur

As the eight-year long saga of Westeros comes to an end, the Seven Kingdom Cafe, a Game of Thrones-themed restaurant, is offering delicious food along with a screening of the final episode ever. The series, which has millions of fans across the globe, closes the final chapter in the early hours of Monday morning in India.

The Cafe has myriad attractions based on the series, such as their very own Iron Throne, Robert Baratheon’s crown, maps of the kingdom of Westeros, silver goblets to sip drinks from and even Game of Thrones themed hanging raven lanterns.

The food menu, however, takes the fantasy a notch higher in this already dreamy cafe with dishes named in accordance with the series and its characters. Start with Samwell Tarly Potatoes, which are stuffed with mutton and deep fried and go on to Joffrey the Jerk Chicken, jerk chicken breast with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy, which is far more palatable than the character. Or perhaps, you’d prefer a breakfast of Theon’s Sausage bowl? These are just a few of the quirky dishes available at this popular cafe.

For the Game of Thrones finale, the Seven Kingdom Cafe is offering a special menu of momos, baos, soups and other delicious dishes, along with a screening. Valar Morghulis!

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