Your next travel destination may be just a flight away, but not when you’re on board this aircraft in Costa Rica. Notorious for never really taking off, find out why this aircraft is still fully booked. By Deepali Sharma

In the coastal rainforest of Manuel Antonio Park with the huge with the enormous Pacific Ocean on the periphery, you will find an unbelievable wonder. A skeleton of Boeing 727 stands in the middle of nowhere, with a fresh coat of red, looking as if it would just take to the skies. This however, never is the case.

This is a real Boeing 727, that has now retired from the runway to be refurbished as a luxury hotel beyond your wildest imagination. Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica holds the position of being the most iconic hotels of all times. One of the numerous services on board is a plush Boeing 727 fuselage luxurious suite. The suite is accompanied with an extraordinary restaurant carved out of the Aéropostale aircraft, a ‘Cockpit Cottage’ and a rail road car-turned-restaurant.

Courtesy: Curbed


The giant fuselage is nestled on the 50-foot pedestal that forms a canopy a canopy out of the jungle. The unconventional structure is designed in a way to provide a hard wood deck for the floor, scenic views of the colossal ocean, and the lush green jungle below.

Courtesy: San Antonio Express News


The airplane boasts handcrafted interior furnishing adorned with teak furniture from Java, Indonesia. The picturesque entry to the fuselage further enhances the beauty of the skeleton. There’s a private entrance up a river rock, a spiral staircase, and a 360-degree view of the surrounding gardens and ocean.


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Courtesy: Uniq Hotels

What could have been a long-forgotten airplane, has kept its original cabin windows intact in the private bedrooms. At sunset, you can take your wine up to the wide terrace and enjoy a glass while giving company to sloths, toucans and monkeys hanging from nearby trees, then move down to the ‘Cockpit Cottage’, a restaurant that can only be accessed through a suspension bridge in the middle of the jungle.

This former globetrotter once soared on routes conducted by South Africa Air and the Colombian aviation company, Avianca Airlines, but now sits patiently waiting to take guests on an experiential journey, albeit without moving an inch.


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