After being named as the ‘happiest’ country by the United Nations World Happiness Report 2019, Finland started a project  called Rent a Finn, where six Finnish individuals and two couples are ready to host you this summer break for free. By Divyansh Mehta

‘Rent a Finn’ campaign focuses on attracting people from all across the globe to visit Finland for three days at anytime between the month of June to August. Rather than bragging about the ranking, Finland has decided to spread happiness by offering free summer vacation to the nation.

If you are considering to be a part of ‘Rent a Finn’, an initiative taken by Visit Finland, and get to see Finland free of cost, you need to secure your chances of visiting the country. For that you’ll have to submit a short video talking about yourself, why you’d want to visit Finland and your connection to nature. Furthermore, filling out a form on ‘Rent a Finn’ website and submitting your video are a must.

When in Finland, we recommend you check out these places for sure!

1. Halti Fell

Finland’s highest peak is at Halti on the Finland/Norway border. A must-visit for mountain climbing enthusiasts. Its height (4,478 feet) isn’t much in comparison to other high peaks, but the views of the Arctic Ocean from the snowmobile trail makes it worth the journey.

2. Santa’s Hideout, Levi

Although the cottage was built as a prop in 2007 for a Finnish movie Jouluta-rina, it is considered as Santa’s secret cottage. It is easily reached by Gondola lift located between lifts 10-11 in Levintunturi. The cottage is known for its fairytale sugar house look during winters when it is covered with snow.

3. Old Mill, Myllykoski, Oulanka National Park

The old mill located on the bank of Myllykoski is a part of Finland’s most interesting hiking route in Oulanka National Park. The main attraction for this trail is the photogenic scenery, which includes hanging bridge, waterfalls and rivers.

4. Kuappi

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На улице так холодно, что хочется прижаться к любимому человеку и провести всю зиму в тёплых обнимашках. Кстати, об уединении: Самый маленький ресторан в мире находится в Финляндии, в маленьком городе Иисалми. Мини-ресторан располагается в порту и называется Kuappi (по-фински – "шкафчик"). Возможно, это и самый романтический ресторан в мире – в "обеденном зале" помещаются всего два человека, поэтому никто не сможет нарушить вашего уединения. … … … #финляндия #вокругсвета #ресторан #кафе #комильфо #кафекомильфо #интересно #факты #двоём #пара #романтика #уединение #kuappi #iisalmi

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Did you know the world’s smallest restaurant is in Finland? With the size of 86 square feet, this unique restaurant has a tiny kitchen, table, two chairs and a bathroom. The restaurant is well known for its full bar despite the small size. The restaurant is down by the harbor in Lisalmi.

5. Tankavaara Gold Village

Finland has its own gold rush village, which has been hosting International Gold Rush Championships, which allows its visitors to keep gold that they find as their own.

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