Argentina is colourful, vivid, lively, and as far as its cuisine goes, it is certainly more than just its meat and dulce de leche. There’s no denying that there are signature dishes that define every region’s gastronomical brilliance but when it comes to Argentina, going off the usual route is well worth the ensuing food coma. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Patagonia

When in the southern part of the country, prepare for some serious sugar rush. The European immigrants have left the lineage of fruits, turning Patagonian desserts into a delectable affair including berries, apples, and pears of the freshest kind. It goes without saying that everyone who visits Patagonia, doesn’t leave without an extra bag of candies, chocolate bars, and everything sweet that Argentina has to offer.

2. Mendoza

One of the most wonderful and astonishing aspects of Argentenian cuisine is the European influences it has inculcated. In the Western part of the country, Mendoza is bestowed with a bountiful of Malbec grapes, making it the first wine producer of the country. With vistas that can give any exotic European destination a run for its money, Mendoza’s cuisine is a delectable mix of Spanish and Italian influences. Pour yourself a tall glass of locally-produced wine from the finest Malbec grapes, and make sure you don’t forget to order yourself the region’s best humita en chala and the patitas aliñadas in one of its many fine-dining restaurants.

3. Jujuy and Salta

The northern regions of the country are where you will find un-tampered Argentinian culinary extravagance, as it was served even decades ago. With indigenous influences that render its base of meat, potatoes, aji pepper, and corn, an unrivaled foundation for carbonada, chivitos, dulche the cayote, tamales and the epic locro — northern Argentina holds the key to the secret of humitas and empanadas.

4. Buenos Aires

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This city, a hotspot for tourists from across the globe, has cemented its place as one delicious and provocative melting pot of cultures and subsequently, cuisines that can melt your heart away at the mere mention of its diversity. Armenian, Moroccan, Korean, Peruvian, Japanese, Columbian — we wonder what is it that one can’t find on their plates here in Buenos Aires. Perfect for the urban traveller who savours cuisines of the world, Buenos Aires has a silver platter laid out for each of its visitor. Grab an empanada by the road or devour its Milanesas; you can also give its parillas with choripan a try if you want to tease your pallet. After all, this is the place where you get to experience and taste magic stirred up by the chefs of the puerta cerradas or the clandestine restaurants that were once the city’s best-kept secrets. Presently, they offer some of the best alternatives and twists to the regular restaurant culture.

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