If you are that person in the group who is constantly making meal plans for everyone, looking for the best restaurants in town, hunting down street food stalls for that special local delicacy, you might just be a ‘foodie traveller’. So, instead of hunting down food in destinations when you travel, why not select a travel destination that is tailor-made for you heightened culinary senses and taste palette? We bring to you the top 5 destinations around the world that you need to cross off of your list if you are a true foodie traveller. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Peru

Peru’s biodiversity has been put to good use by its chefs who are making a case for the  culinary variety that has put Andean cuisine on the map. From using unique indigenous sun-dried root vegetable to more varieties of ceviche than we can ever name, Peruvian cuisine has successfully made it to the bucket-list of foodies.

2. Spain

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令和元年初日の晩ごはんは定番のパエリヤ。蛍烏賊と空豆のパエリヤを作りました。 「パエリヤを食べるとわが家に帰ってきた気がする」と次男。 休日ごはんメニューを特別思いつかないとパエリヤに落ち着きます。結婚してから何度作ったかしら? 結婚歴=パエリヤ歴(笑) どんどん進化します。 ・ *ブラウンマッシュルームと海老のアヒージョ *アボカドサーモントマト *残ったアサリと空豆でディル風味バター炒めワイン蒸し *グリル空豆 ・ スペインCAVAで令和に乾杯。 魚介の旨味がサフランライスに溶け込み最高。 ・ ・ ・ #パエリヤ #パエリア #パエリア鍋 #アヒージョ #スキレット #ワイン蒸し #ほたるいか #そらまめ #アイトー #文五郎窯 #cava #料理教室 #料理教室千葉 #市川市 #クスパ公認インスタアンバサダー #フーディーテーブル #gw #おうちごはん #晩ごはん #スペイン料理 #休日ごはん #定番料理 #paella #paellalovers #seafood #spanishfood #cava #winelover

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You may have had Tapas multiple times in your life but once you visit and explore Spain, you will be taken aback by how narrow a definition of Spanish cuisine the world has. Each part of the country is replete with its own culinary sensibility peculiar to itself. In fact, even the paella tastes different as you move from one region to the other.

3. Ethiopia

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@abyssinian_ind, is a restaurant serving Ethiopian cuisine. In frame is TONA – an unlimited Ethiopian experience at ₹999 pp. Here's what TONA serves: Timatim Salad – Tomatoes, peppers, onions, greens in a lemon dressing. Misir Wot – A thick red lentil curry. Yedinich Alicha – This was their take on a potato Sabzi. Fosolia – A carrot and bean prep. Shiro – Thick stew made with chickpea & dried pea flour. Inguday – A delicious mushroom stir fry. Which I love for obvious reasons! Ayib – Cottage cheese scramble. Mit mita Ayib – Spiced cottage cheese scramble. Injera – All of the curries are served on Injera – a soft crepe like flatbread made of ragi. As for Ethiopian cuisine, I found the taste unique still very a familiar to our Indian food which makes me want to try it again. 😃 • Follow @themillionthfoodie. • #themillionthfoodie #punefoodie #indianfoodie #indianfoodbloggers #thecrazyindianfoodie #therawtextures #thegreatindianfoodie #vforveggie #ethiopianfood #ethiopianculture #ethiopiancuisine #thaali #igfoodie #instafoodie #foodiesofig #foodiesofinsta #foodmood #puneri #punekar #punecity #ethiopianrestaurant #massive #f52gram #buzzfeast #feedfeed #heresmyfood #ifoundawesome #lifeandthyme#tastingtable #eattheworld

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African indigenous cuisine is still largely unexplored. The uncertainties and the surprises that come with it have done the dual job of attracting adventurist foodies while keeping skeptical foodies in the doubt. We definitely are in the former team, for we aren’t stepping back from the delicious Injera, a mezze of wats (stews), salads, curries, and tibs (fries) seasoned with local herbs like berbere and niter kebbeh. Let’s not forget that Ethiopia is home to some of the best coffees in the world and the culture of making and drinking coffee is an everyday ritual, almost considered pious.

4. Japan

Get over a sushi sightseeing tour and dive head first into Japan’s expansive cuisine that has so much more to offer. Take a trip of its fish markets from where the freshest of produce go right to the restaurants, which have been specialising in sushi for decades now. Take part in a traditional tea ceremony for no matter how many times you have tried it before, doing so in Japan will never be even remotely the same. If you identify yourself as an adventurist foodie, venture into Japan’s rural areas and its islands, indulge in some cooking classes to know what makes Japanese cuisine more of a defining tradition than just food.

5. India

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Aamlicious (Mango) Festival at Khandaani Rajdhani! (@rajdhanithali ) Items 📍Welcome Beverages: Panch Phoron Kairi Panna, Kesari Aam Thandai. 📍Farsan: Mango Khandvi, Chatpata Aamras, cheesy aam pizza dhokla, kacchha aam nu muthiya, rasila aam papad samosa, kala aam papad potli kachori. 📍Chaats: Jodhpuri mango dal dhokli, aamras khasta kachori chaat,bikaneri palak aamras chaat, kairi bhakarwadi chaat. 📍Main course: Ker Sangri Aamboliya, goonda kairi nu saag, rajasthani kaju aur aam ki subzi. ⚫Thali price ₹429+ Tax on weekdays & 452+ Tax on weekends⚫ #Mango #Thali #StreetFood #IndianThali #RajasthaniFood #IndianFood #IncredibleIndia #Kolkata #KolkataDiaries #IndianFoodie #KolkataGram #Ig_Calcutta #Calcutta #CalcuttaCacophony #BangaloreFoodies #KolkataFoodie #KolkataFoodBlogger #KolkataBlogger #Kolkata_Igers #FoodTalkIndia #BuzzTasty #IndianLunch #DelhiBlogger #SoDelhi #SoMumbai #LocalFood #MumbaiBlogger #DelhiFoodie @eattreat @foodnetwork @foodtalkindia @foodhallindia @foodbloggerai @foodandwine @ig_calcutta @calcuttacacophony @onlyinbengal @dd_kolkata @kolkatasutra @sokolkata @kolkatastories @stories.of.kolkata #kolkatadelites

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There can be no alternative to having an authentic Indian culinary experience in the country itself. Given the sheer vastness of the country, it is impossible to classify it under only a handful of dishes. If you REALLY wish to explore Indian cuisine, you will have to be able to be patient, accepting, and open to surprises. It is much more than just its spicy curries and dosas.

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