Are you a foodie? Have you been travelling for a while and all the hotels are beginning to look the same to you? Head to these food-themed hotels that will level up your stay!  By Ritika Dixit 

The stay experience is changing. Imagine retiring to your room after a soul-satisfying meal, and being surrounded by pillows shaped like M&M’s, walls covered in images of berries, or a picture sliding under a bedspread that looks like a bar of chocolate. Here are some such spaces. 

1. Three Ways House, England 

Food themed restaurants

Host to the Pudding Club every Friday since 1985, the Three Ways House Hotel offers its guests the option to stay in one of its seven quirky pudding-themed rooms, where you are surrounded by luscious images of syrup sponge, summer pudding and the sticky toffee. The stay is nothing like you would have ever experienced before. You might just want to hog on the pillows! But don’t worry, there are no calories involved.

2. Sweet Escape House, Florida 

Food Themed Restaurants

This 10-room vacation home for rent in Florida deserves a place on every foodies’ bucket list because it is as luxurious as it is whimsical. With the world’s only ice-cream shaped swimming pool, a Hershey chocolate slide, an entire splash park and a human Candyland board, Sweet Escape House is unlike any other vacation home rental worldwide. While here, you can pick to indulge in the Coke and Pepsi rooms with an indoor pinball machine and other similar games. The Lollipop room can be the kids’ junction with thousands of colourful balls coating the floor, a ‘lollipop stick quest’ and many other means of interactive entertainment. Their official website warns, “Guests aged 2 through 92 never want to leave.” Consider yourself warned!

3. Gladstone Hotel, Toronto 

Food Themed Restaurants
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Designed by Food Network Canada host, Bob Blumer, room 403 of the Gladstone Hotel is every foodie’s dream playpen. With a Swiss cheese canopy over the bed, Fruit Loops armoire and marshmallow pillows — the decor will make your mouth water instantly. The kitchenette is complete with everything you might need in case of late-night hunger pangs.  From a panini maker to a set of Blumer’s favourite Shun chef knives, they have it all! Don’t miss out on the selection of Blumer’s personally curated foodie films on DVD. A feast for your tummy and for your eyes… What else could a foodie dream of?

4. The Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania 

Food Themed Restaurants

An entire theme park dedicated to the chocolate bar Hershey! How can its official hotel be any different? Hotel Hershey can be every chocolate lovers’ retreat, especially with its wide range of chocolate spa menu, not very different from the kitchen menu, a whipped cocoa bath, a chocolate sugar scrub and a chocolate fondue wrap, to name a few. And if the aroma from the spa session gets your sweet tooth triggered, you can rush into one of the six restaurants on the property. All sweet luxuries await you at the Hotel Hershey. 

5. Adelphi Hotel, Australia

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One of its kind, Adelphi is the world’s first dessert-themed hotel. The hotel decor and design will remind you of your favourite desserts. Upon check in, you will probably be welcomed with a jar of lollipops at the front desk or bowls of toffee apples. The room comes with its own share of the hotel’s theme with a complimentary bowl of sweets, popcorn and some luscious cotton candy for when your sweet tooth is triggered! And if all the desserts from the room and the hotel decor don’t satisfy you, more await at Om Nom, their onsite restaurant.

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