2019 has been a tough one for the world in terms of enduring natural calamities. One after the other, a series of events have reminded humans of their minuteness against nature’s immense strength and  wrath. Bihar floods is the latest addition to the list. By Kumar Shree

Amazon rainforest fire, the Bolivian fire, Assam floods, Cyclone Fani in Orissa, and untimely rain in Pune — nature has not been very kind this year. Now the wrath of nature has unleashed itself upon the state of Bihar and its capital Patna. The state capital along with 13 districts in the region are facing severe flood and are absolutely submerged. Pictures and videos of the ground situation are surfacing on the internet, and are giving a glimpse of what is going on and what hardships people are facing.

There is no looking for the silver lining yet as even after submerging the capital city and 13 districts, the monsoon is in no mood of bestowing mercy on the land of Buddha. Even after what is calculated as the highest rainfall in 45 years for the region, the MET department predicts that the rain will continue. Many people including the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Sushil Kumar Modi were rescued from their homes by a team of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

Here we have collected a few images and videos as posted by people on Twitter to give you an idea of how grim the situation is. Take a look.

The acting stalwart Manoj Bajpayee, who hails from Bihar tweeted about the calamity and urged countrymen to donate for the relief fund.

The calamity has kept no difference between the rich and the poor. Here, a rickshaw puller can be seen struggling to pull his rickshaw out of the water and crying at his inability at doing so.

Even the railway stations and airports have not remained untouched. Here you can see the submerged tracks at the Patna Railway station.

Looks like the situation is getting worse by every passing flick of the clock and Bihar needs some help. If you want to help the grieving state, you can do so by donating your contribution to the Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar.

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