There are people who climb mountains and then there are people who climb active volcanoes. Visiting an active volcano inspires and invokes imagination as no other place can. Of course, there’s the thought whether it’ll turn out to be a one-way visit. But, it’s worth all the risk for these active volcanoes are some of the most fascinating on this planet and are perfect for ‘firing up’ your trip. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Pacaya, Guatemala:

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🇩🇪 Der Vulkan "Pacaya" in Guatemala während eines mehrtägigen Ausbruchs. Guatemala – so viel ungezähmte Wildheit und Kraft! 🇬🇧 The volcano "Pacaya" while an outbreak that lastet several days. Guatemala – so vibrant and untamable wild! ©by Susanne Chacon Giron / PhotoNomad #guatemala #guatemalteco #volcan #vulkan #eruptingvolcano #activevolvano #aktivervulkan #vulkanausbruch #ausbrechendervulkan #pacaya #pacayaguatemala #eruption #outbreak #guatemalacity #travelgram #traveling #travelphotographer #ilovetravel #traveltheworld #travelislife #travelbug #weltenbummler #reisefieber #instagood #landscape #nature #naturphotography #photonomad #susannechacongiron #imageyourworld

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Guatemala sure has a range of pretty high volcanoes, but there’s none as active as this mighty 8,373-foot tall beauty, which belches crimson. It is named after the flower of the date palm tree, which is a common addition in Guatemalan food and it grows around in the lowlands. A two-hour hike will reward you with views of two more surrounding volcanoes along with steam vent and lava flows of this volcano. 

2. Mount Aso, Japan:

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・ ★★★ ・ 『惑星 地球』 ・ 人のいない草原。 枯れ草。 色のない冬の景色。 それは、ただひたすらに星が煌めく鮮やかな世界。 ・ ★★★ ・ 今日も先日の阿蘇より一枚。 海沿いでもないのに山の稜線ギリギリまで星が埋め尽くしてる。 やはり阿蘇はかなり星空観測に適した場所だと思った。 今年は年始からKAGAYAさんとの話だったり、良いスタートが切れました。 さて、今夜からまた移動。 新年早々怒涛の日々がまた幕をあけました。 まだ新月期。 一応カメラ持っていきます。 ・ ★★★ ・ SONY a7Riii SIGMA 14mm F1.8 DG HSM iso6400 15ss f1.8 Single exposure Soft filter Lee No.03 ・ ★★★ ・ #longexpoelite #NightScaper #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #daily_photo_jpn #landscapescapture #longexpo_addiction #longexposure_japan #longexposure_shots #kenkotokina_ln2018best #ig_japan #japan_of_insta #japan_night_view_member #hubsplanet #star_hunter_jp #team_jp_ #東京カメラ部 #s_shot #art_of_japan_ #wu_japan #ダレカニミセタイケシキ #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #retrip_news #earthfocus #earth_reflect #jalan_2019 #星空 #星景 #風景写真 #阿蘇 #universetoday

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Other than Mount Fiji, which is predicted to show some volcanic activity soon, Mount Aso, located in the Aso Kujū national park in Kyushu, is the most active volcano in Japan. The lunar-like topography of this mountain can be explored by a cable car, or rope-way, as it is called, ‘The landscape of Aso’ offers more than just one viewpoint but make sure you check if this one is spewing out gas, which blocks a few of the calderas. 

3. Etna, Italy:

How crazy would these hordes be to actually climb up Europe‘s most active volcano every year? Well, as it turns out, many people climb this volcano to behold the site of the Ionian, Adriatic, and Mediterranean seas. The highest that one could climb is 2,900m, the permissible limit. There are also trains that encircle the base of this pyramidal structure which takes you through black lava deposits. And hey, after half a day’s hike, treat yourself with wine grown in the vineyards, which have been nourished by the mineral-laden volcanic soil. 

4. Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland:

If you remember this difficult-to-pronounce volcano’s eruption in 2010, which caused air traffic in a pernicious way. Eyjafjallajökull, the name of the glacier that covers the volcano, is worth the 5,500 steep ascent. However, if you don’t want to shoulder all that trouble, the jeep tour and even helicopter tours make for lucrative alternatives too! No matter what, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the spectacular viewing of the lava formations and the glacier itself. 

5. Mount Bromo, Indonesia:

The exemplary of the beauty that active volcanoes not only signify but also personify, Mount Bromo is not only a sacred spot for the Tenggerese people during the Kasada festival but also for nature lovers. Speaking of the Kasada, the Tenggerese observe the ritual of compromising lives, which includes fruits, vegetables, and livestock, into the caldera to satisfy the mountain Gods. And guess what, you have to pass through an ash dessert to get to this beaut and God, will it be worth the effort! Psst. If you’re a sucker for sunrises, an early morning expedition will yield fruit to your efforts as Mount Bromo adorns itself with the first rays of the sun ever-so-amusingly. 

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