Hosting is no more about laying down beautiful plates and serving up a bottle of wine to your guests. There’s an art to it. Setting a table has now become a much more stylised affair. By Preeti Rathod

We are all about going vocal for local this season, and mixing old with the new is a great way to get that right texture. This season, make your table ‘gram worthy’ with these few tips that will elevate your ordinary dinner to a luxurious affair in no time.

Festive Dinner Table

1. Have fun!

The most important lesson is to have fun with your table. This way, when your guests come to the table, they have a little something to enjoy before the food arrives. Make it an expression of yourself. Love a crazy colourful mix? Do it! In the mood for muted tones? Go for it!

2. More is better

When it comes to festivals, there’s nothing that is ‘too much’. As the cliché goes, go big or go home. Be bold, and don’t shy away from prints, colours or centrepieces. Go all out with paisley, gingham, and even mix and match your old cutlery with the new.

3. Natural products 

This festive season, get inspired by all things nature. We all love tablescapes, especially when they’re in our budget, and this year, we will see a lot of natural products on top of them. Consider adding a lot of greenery on your table and they make for a gorgeous centrepiece.

4. Balance

Festive Dinner Table

Each item on the table relates to other elements around it. While it may not necessarily have to match perfectly, they should ideally harmonise or complement each other.

5. Napkin rings 

Get creative! Tie up your linen with natural flowers or tuck a sprig of rosemary or sage. Remove these elements about 10 minutes after the guests are seated to reduce clutter.

6. Dare to be different 

Festive Dinner Table

Fruits can be a major winner when it comes to centrepieces, especially citrus fruits as they add a natural fragrance to the table. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also complement the greens and are incredibly eye-catching. Place some spices like cloves and cinnamon sticks to add small details to wow your guests.

7. Accessorise

Long tables are popular, but the cost of filling them with accessories is not. Repeat elements like apples to fill up the space, add small flower clusters, or varying heights of candles.

So stir your imagination and design with intention this festive season. Happy decorating!

Preeti Rathod is the founder of The Theatric Platter, a boutique grazing company.

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