3 Festivals In Switzerland You Should Not Miss

There is an inherent charm of being in a new city when there is a celebration. Perhaps it is the air of festivities or the fact that the fun quotient multiplies several times, festivals will always be a great time to see a city. And if you are in Switzerland, here is a list of events you should not miss. By Bindu Gopal Rao


Sechselauten in Zurich, Switzerland

April 16th, 2018

Zurich celebrates its traditional spring festival Sechseläuten with a “Böögg,” a 3.4 metre high snowman whose head is filled with fireworks. Placed on 10 metre high pyre and local legend has it that the faster the fire reaches the snowman’s head to explode, the better the summer will be. Processions by children in period costumes followed by the members of the guilds.






International Jazz Festival Bern at Bern, Switzerland

March to May

This two-month long festival sees a congregation of top jazz performers from across the world. The opening night of March 12th features a performance by Joey DeFrancesco with The Swiss Jazz Orchestra.



International jazz festival bern



Interlaken Classics at Interlaken, Switzerland

March and April 2018

Among the oldest classical music festivals in Switzerland, this Spring Festival rings the talent of young musicians from across the world to the forefront. The festival offers both residency of the orchestras and master classes for the concerts. You can take Masterclass in violoncello with Professor David Geringas from April 6th until 14th, master class in violin with Professor Zakhar Bron from April 17th to 23rd, and master class in trumpet with Manuel Blanco Goméz-Limòn and Jeroen Berwaerts from April 8th to 15th.



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