Fast track services at international airports are slowly becoming the favourite go-to facility for flyers when travelling long distances. When you have a connecting flight to catch at a busy international airport and there is very little time on hand, fast track services help speeding up the whole process. Here’s a list of the five airport that you can blindly rely on for a hassle-free journey. By Sujitha Sundaram



Owing to its location, Bangkok International Airport has become one of the busiest airport hubs in the world. The Fast Track services here are highly recommended at a time when you are about to face one- to two-hour long queues at the Visa-On-Arrival counters. It is available in both the arrival and departure terminals as well as for a tight transit period between two flights.




Fast track airport services
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.





Abu Dhabi
The fast track service at this airport depends on the airline you’re flying. Normally, first class and business class passengers will be distributed the fast track pass to clear immigration faster. Most major airlines like Etihad Airways, Jet Airways and British Airways will offer the fast track service to their passengers. Check at your source airport when you check in.
Fast track airport services






Milan, Italy
ViaMilano FastTrack, as it is called works in a simple manner. Buy the fast track pass online and you can use it whenever you like, even if there is no queue.



Fast track airport services

At Heathrow, preference is given to the first and business class passengers of selected airlines like Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates. Apart from these, passengers departing or in-transit, who are high up on the frequent flier programmes or owners of American Express Centurion cards, receive the benefits. On arrivals, invited Non-EU premium passengers receive it.



Fast track airport services




This fast track service comes highly recommended as you can breeze through customs and immigration smoothly to start your vacation soon. Purchase the pass online and you will be aided from the moment you get off your flight. However, if you want to cancel, make sure you cancel 7 days in advance or else there could be a 100% cancellation fee charged.